What I Want Wednesday; Black Edition!

Black is definitely a staple to ANYone's wardrobe, accessories, life... it is a great color. I mean... Everyone looks fantastic in black. :) haha.

Momma Tree?? Hahah. I love trees. And I just love how there are little hearts in this tree. I would totally wear this necklace all the time...
Okay, so I must admit that I do not like facial hair... HOWEVER. Anything cute mustachey is a go in my book!
Isn't this a great photograph? I think it would be really cool to have a huge wall sized print of it... Somewhere... Maybe in the living room or something. It would totally feel like you were going to take an adventure into these gorgeous woods.
Okay... so this dress is sold out. But if it wasn't so expensive lol... I swear I would have bought it for myself! I really like the frillies on it! :)
I love Love LOVE silhouettes!! And these ones are just fantastic. I love the quote too!! :)
So I am totally obsessed with the letter A. I mean, aren't we all obsessed with the first letter of our name? I love A, beginning of the alphabet... AWESOME starts with it, AMAZING... etc etc, I could go on. It is a good letter. And this vintage typewriter key necklace is pretty much AMAZINGLY AWESOME.
Now talking about amazing... Look at this lacy skirt. It is so gorgeous! :) I want it. Bad.


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