What I Want Wednesday! Blue Edition!

Are you ready for this?! LOL. So, I know it has been a while. But I am just not in a story telling mood. So here are some really great things that are BLUE that I have found online, that I want, BAD! :)

So darn cute right??? Cutest vase ever. I also have a little thing for birdies!

I would totally wear the crap outta these!! I love them!!

Super AWESOME vases! I love the blueness!

Would totally hang this in my kitchen!

Totally would rock this dress everywhere I went!

And these fabulous heels!

Well there ya go. All ya get for now!! I totally have a folder full of things that I want really really really bad! And I always feel so much better after I let people know what it is that I like and want! :) Hehehe. 

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