Thursday 5---

 I have one more week of living in Downtown Portland... Man, am I ever going to miss being down here. I loved being so close to things that I needed to be... I love the view I have out of my dorm room, the weird homeless people who finally had just stopped asking me for money, the annoying people who live on the sixth floor of my building, my building... I loved my building it is all eco friendly and stuff... well, it just basically saves energy and recycles rain water for our toilets, pretty neat if I do say so myself! I am definitely going to miss living down here... Especially since I have new friends who live in Tigard, which is only 15 minutes away from here... and when I move back to my Mother's it will be over/around an hour away. Lame. 

Although, I never thought that I would say such a thing... I am pretty excited to live back on the Mountain. Seriously, especially for over the summer, it is going to be gorgeous (I hope, if summer ever starts!). I am going to dig being out there with all of the trees, its been so long. And the rivers are so close there... I am also pretty excited to get my crafty back on! I am going to learn how to knit, I think, maybe even learn how to crochet, and maybe I will dabble in some of that Feemo (right?) and make clay-type things... I am pretty excited to have no responsibilities except for work for a while... Things will be great.


Going to try possibly a weekly thing, so that I kind of feel accomplished? Or that I have some sort of schedule going on here...  I dunno. I came across this idea, and I think I want to play along!

 So this Thursday you are supposed to post 5 things that make you:





Let's see here! Things that have made me feel those 5 things... 
1) Dan writing me FB letters before he goes to bed so that I have something to read from him in the morning.  
2) Helping Dan pick out and order my promise ring, which should be shipping out to me this week, sometime. 
3) Putting a smile on my best friend Decious' face, even though he is lonely over in Iraq.
4) Moving back into my Mother's house!
5) Taking a break from school for a while! 
If you would like to join in the fun, head on over to MannLand5, and post and link to the blog!  


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