My Memorial Day

First off, I do know it is two days after Memorial Day... haha! However, I had a fantastic one, what did you do for your memorial day??

My boyfriendy-person is currently serving over in S.Korea so I was sure to talk to him as much as possible. I have quite a few friends in the military so I posted something on FB to let them know that I was thinking of them. And that I appreciated them, I hope they got the message! :) Also, a few of my family members have been in the military. I have not had a military life or anything, yet... But I do feel very attached to each and every Military member that i know.

This Memorial Day I made it a point to celebrate it. I want to put it out there that some men/women have lost their lives in and out of battle serving our country, and I appreciate them for fighting for me.
First off, my friend Michelle and I visited a cemetery out here in Oregon that is especially for those who served in the military. We visited her father who is buried there and it was a gorgeous day.
Coming here made me really appreciate everything that each military member has done for us. When I saw a flag on each and every head-stone I was just awe-struck. It was so beautiful.
I am not quite an all out picture-taker yet, but I REALLY want a really nice camera now.
I just have a point and shoot that I purchased either in late 2006 or early 2007... (I am surprised it still works *knocks on wood*)

Over-all, I felt really awesome going to the cemetery. A lot of people were asking me what I was doing for memorial day and I kept saying "Going to the cemetery, and then having a BBQ." They would ask me in astonishment "WHY THE CEMETERY?!" With this like gaspy look on their face... I was really disappointed in each person who asked. I simply replied... "It's Memorial Day." And I gave them a look like they were stupid as all-get-out! Cause really... that is what Memorial Day is all about, right? Remembering the past soldiers who have fought for our country. And I also made it a point to thank the current soldiers too!

So after the cemetery, we went to a BBQ and it was fabulous. I got to spend time with friends, and that is the best part. Later in the evening my friend Michelle and I got to talk with our men over in S.Korea, that really topped off the night!

Thanks again, Military members! I appreciate you.


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