Oh yes, Flashback Friday :)

So, I have been finding some pretty cool ideas from other blogs. I came across Mrs. Muffin's blog and she had Flashback Fridays which came from another blog. I thought it seemed like a neat idea. I don't have too many OLD pictures or anything on this laptop... but, I do have pictures that I can 'flashback' to, and tell a story :).

So I created this button* in honor of my Flashback Friday-ness!

Alrighty, this picture was taken a few years ago, I don't even remember what year! Haha. It was when my best friend, Decious, came home for leave from the Army. So why am I all muddy? Well, it is because we were riding around on his 4wheeler and it was crappy weather! My bangs are all funky from the helmet, man, I am wearing one of his sweaters, and I even think I am wearing a pair of some randoms person pants and someone else's shoes so that I didn't get all muddy! 

It was definitely a blast... Up until... He made me drive... I am terrible at steering 4wheelers for some reason, i do perfectly fine on a dirt bike. So I was riding along on the track and there was this slight decline to the left of me and for some reason I started going down the hill! I couldn't turn it back up the hill for the life of me! So where did I end up? At the bottom of a hill, luckily a ginormous tree stump stopped me from going any further! LOL! And I was so nervous, or scared, or something ridiculous that I forgot to let go of the gas... My foot fell under the back wheel and I proceeded to run my own legs over for a lengthy period of time... *shakes head side to side in shame* ... 

Moral of the story. 2 wheels or bust! 
Unless it is a road-worthy vehicle, I am pretty sure I want 4 wheels... Well... you know... I have always thought I would be a pretty smexy motorcycle chick!

Flashback Friday Button
I would definitely love to see your Flashback Friday too! Please hook me up with a link in the comments! 
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  1. Oh welcome to flashback fridays!! Love the little banner you made for it :)

    I've never ridden a 4 wheeler, or anything like it. I guess I was kind of sheltered while growing up. We lived in the country for a good while, but I was an only child, no brothers, so it just wasn't anything my parents ever got involved with? It sure looks fun though! Muddy face and all :)


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