Red things on Etsy!!
Lately the color red has been very happy for me! haha. I have really been eyeballing it like hardcore! :)

So here are some things that I found on Etsy that just make me HAPPY!

 This necklace!

This awesome Dandelion Wall Decal!! (I know the decal is not red... but the red wall is awesome! I would totally love to do something like this in my very own house one day...)

This guy's t-shirt! It's really neat!!

Isn't this a super cute bobby pin?!?!

So there is my red fetish for the day! :)

It could be that maybe some of you are wondering where all my crafty bits have been hiding... Well you know, I definitely had to put that on hold. With college soon to be done and over with it is getting more and more stressful for me. I dont think I am going to be able to pick up the craftiness again for quite some time. Although, the idea of possibly starting to get into beading, or jewelry making has been jumping around the noggin. You know? We'll see... OH, and I also have been thinking about Feemo... yes... that fun clay-like stuff that you can play with and cook in the oven. I think that might sound like a good time. I am not sure yet, but... those are the kinds of crafty things that have been rollin' around. I have  been doodling a lot lately... Maybe I can share that with you guys sometime... We'll see!


  1. NICE! Hopefully you get to exercise your creativity some soon!

  2. I totally want that necklace!


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