Loving Me the Color Grey!

There has been quite a few colors that have really been catching my eye lately! I really love the color grey, I mean, I know it is not all that colorful, but it pretty much matches EVERYTHING! And, it is almost reminiscent of silver, which is also a nice shade indeed.

So, there are lots and lots of awesome grey items! Soooo I decided that it might be easier to create a collage! :) What do you think?? It was pretty fun and I used PICASA, and it was SUPER DUPER EASY!

I have been on an online window shopping rampage the last couple of days... it really  just makes me happy!! 
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Man, I have been having the most best days lately! It is always awesome to be able to talk with the man-man he is super great! Always makes me happy! :) And then I do some more online window shopping! 


  1. I LOVE the color grey. That dress is gorgeous!

  2. I'm loving that dress. Dark grey is my favorite.


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