So there I am one day, paroozing around on Facebook and all of a sudden I get a message from my good friend Dave from FreshRag, telling me that I should totally make email subscriptions available for my blog. Dave is a great guy who is you know, watching my back. I totally appreciate this.

Email Subscriptions?? Goodness, seems like a lot of hassle right? Well, it kind of is. I had already signed up for MailChimp, just in case I needed/wanted it in the future. However, I had no friggin' clue how to use it, or even what on earth to put in my subscription emails. I know that I do not want you guys (those of you who sign up) to get an email every darn day just regurgitating what is being posted on my blog. I know I really want my emails to be a bit more than that. Maybe even something you could look forward to.

To be honest, I still don't know what exactly I am going to be putting into those emails as of yet. But I really think that it is going to be a step in the right direction since I have opened up my own Etsy shop. I think that having an email subscription list will be really beneficial in building a great service to my readers and customers.

Like I said, I wouldn't want to receive an email every day just because someone posted on their blog. It's just not my style and I will unsubscribe from something that clutters up my inbox in an instant. I mean, isn't that why we all signed up for Bloglovin' or Feedly? What I am thinking about is having maybe a weekly email (or even less, probably less) talking about some random things (haven't got that ironed out yet) and having a side bar that mentions some of my posts from the previous week.

It won't be much, and hopefully you won't think it's spam. It will be a good thing and I totally think you'd benefit with subscribing! So whattaya say?!

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