Wellllcome Weekly Wishes friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend and have accomplished your last week's wishes!

1) Paleo 100%. 
This was very simple for me to do. I haven't had any grain cravings at all. The hardest thing has been giving up my nightly ice cream. So I am on a mission to either get an ice cream maker or get my commissary to carry this ice cream. I am not getting any headaches or ill feelings at all, so I think that's a great thing! I think it's because Husband and I were already not eating foods from boxes or milk.2) Continue running 3x a week, with one of those runs a group run.
I totally ran 3 times last week, even on Wednesday, in the pouring rain. Which was a really fantastic run, by the way! I ran my fastest since I started running again! AND I had a great time!
3) Continue to make walking Koodge at least a half mile every time we go for a potty, a habit.

This goal works fantastically during the week (well, Mon-Thurs anyway, not sure what happened on Friday). But then it came the weekend and... boom. Didn't happen. 
4) Draw something this week. 
I am not hugely happy with it, but I did it. I drew something. Which in turn made me want to at least write some more in my art journal. So I say that is somewhat successful. I also got my order of some more Lukas watercolors in the mail! So tomorrow I will be finishing up a new color chart. 5) Blog at least one other time besides Weekly Wishes. 
I did do this! But, it was at like... 10pm last night, I guess it counts... Check it out here

THIS WEEK:1) Draw two somethings this week. So, since I was successful last week. I think I might need to step it up this week. TWO somethings to draw this week. I am currently working on a color chart for the new Lukas Watercolors I got in the mail last week. I can't wait to do something else with these new color possibilities! 
2) Run 3x this week.I must just keep pushing myself. My knees started hurting last Wednesday but I  have been talking to my running buddy, C, and C said that it might be from doing lunges and squats. This makes me pretty sad because squats are one of my favorite exercises. However, I am going to lay off the lunges and squats and see if that helps my knees when running.
3) Get back to drinking more water again.

So last week the iOS7 came out and for a day or two my Argus App was not working properly. Not keep track of my daily steps so that made me not want to use it very much. So I kind of stopped keeping track for a few days. BUT, today I must get back to it! I was doing so well. *Logs three glasses of water*
4) Blog at least once more this week.Yeah, well, I have a great few things that I could talk about, so I should just talk about them!! I just need to do it. I have been a blog slacker. A blacker...?
5) Make homemade "Lärabars".Now, if I end up making these, I could totally talk about that. We definitely need some healthy snackage up in this hizzy. Especially with this Paleo diet. It's been easy to follow but hard to eat sometimes when I am super lazy, which is often. 

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