Last week I shared with you Part 1 of our little Austrian road trip! Now, I'll show you the rest! 

After Vienna, we decided to head straight towards Salzburg, Austria (a 3 hour drive), since we weren't going to be staying in our Tube Hotel any more. 

Taken atop a hill - there was an elevator to take up. Haha. It was gorgeous! 

We arrived in the city after dinner time, I think around 6:30-7pm - so... Everything was pretty much closed. This was a great thing! We were able to find a parking, and see the sights without many tourists around! I got so many fabulous photos and it was still light out! We spent a few hours just walking around and seeing what kind of things we would want to check out the next day.

One of the first things we did was walk towards the castle. Of course, that's where the party's at! Haha, only because it was interesting. We found these ominous stairs and decided to take them. It was REALLY challenging because there were a LOT of stairs, but then... There were really steep hills to climb as well. This was when our travelling pup, aptly named Koodge, came in handy! Since he pulls like a crazy on the leash - I used him as a helper. He pulled me up these stupid hills when my legs just didn't want to work! It was totally worth it because we got the below photo.

When we were researching Salzburg before our trip... I thought it was just gonna be another one of "those touristy towns" - which it was. But I got there and I loved it. People were kind and that really makes a trip for me!

I really enjoyed this statue sculpture thing in the main part of Salzberg. Under the big round golden globe people had written on the bottom of it. I found it quite interesting. It was big enough to sit under. Pretty cool.

Like I said, since we arrived so late in the day - there were no tourists. So we got to see all the sights and take almost people-less photos and that made me happy. The castle/fortress - even though we didn't get to go in - or even up there (because we had the Koodge-face) was gorgeous to see from town. I like the outsides better anyway! 

Soon we were realizing that we didn't have a place to stay lined up and it was time to look around. We knew that staying inside Salzburg was going to be a giant rip off, so we went into a hotel and asked if they could help us find anything else that was below 100euro (more like 75 euro) because the information center was closed. I also apologized like a million times because I felt that it was quite rude to ask a hotel for other hotel information. But, we WOULD NOT be able to afford something inside Salzburg's downtown area.

He was kind enough to point us in a direction of a town about 10 minutes away. But nothing looked open! All the Pensions were lights out dark (this was around 8:30pm) and we weren't finding anything. Luckily we saw a bigger looking hotel place with it's lights on. I went in there and inquired about their prices (too much for us) and asked her if she would be willing to help us look. Guys, this lady spent a half an hour helping us look for a place to sleep for the night!! Aweeeee. She was so nice, not even annoyed, and made our day. Husband was NOT happy that we didn't plan ahead - but it all worked out. It was good stuff. We ended up staying in a place called Motel One - it was more like a hotel. We realized we had passed this hotel earlier but it looked very expensive from the outside. 

We found the hotel, made ourselves and Koodge comfortable and got to sleep in a nice warm hotel room, bed, and woke up to a working shower in the morning. Though it was just under 90 euro for one night (more expensive than we'd like to pay for a room since we don't spend too much time in it) - it was worth it.

We ordered some coffee at the desk (and apparently Austria doesn't just have "coffee" they're always giving us espresso??) finished getting ready and headed out to Salzburg again. We were on a mission to try all the Strudels we could find and drink a lot of coffee. I am pretty sure we spent a pretty penny on coffee this weekend... haha.

Our traveler pup.

One of our first stops for the day was finding some more caffeine! We stopped in this cute little place and it had a mini backgammon game. I almost died from the cuteness. Koode was excited to see a new person and was making all kinds of noise. I apologized to the guy behind the counter... He said it was okay and brought Koodge a big bowl of water. How sweet. :)

Throughout the trip I found lots of fun doors. I ended up painting this one

 I found one of the cutest caf├ęs I have ever seen. I died. We mostly just walked around so I could get photos of the super cute places. That's all I ever really want to do anyway. I also can't even count how many cafes we went into to try their strudel and coffee.

Across the way from that super cute cafe was Mozart's birthplace. Cool, yeah? I wasn't too terribly impressed. There were a lot of tourists there, even for a Sunday. But it was nice because most tourist places were open. A lot different than here in Ansbach where the town is dead for 24 hours on Sunday. Haha. - I did however, love that the building was the brightest of yellows. Can't really tell in the photo (overcast rainy-ish day), but it was BRIGHT!

One of our last stops was random. We found an elevator that would take us all up atop a hill and to an art museum (I believe) we weren't able to go into the museum (because of the puppy) but we were able to get a great arial view of Salzburg. This had to be on of my favorite parts of the trip. The views were spectacular. (also, the first photo in this post was taken from here). A very nice man offered to take our photo. He wasn't really familiar with the iPhone... But I guess his photo (the one on the right where Koodge looks thoroughly thrilled... lol) will suffice. I also got about three photos of his hand! haha WOOHOO.

All in all it was a very great place to be. I loved Salzburg much more than I thought I would!

Have you ever done some research on a place, thought that you wouldn't care about it, but then had the opposite reaction when you actually visited?!

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