ART: ICAD #14 & SOC #2

Finally had the motivation to work on an ICAD, lol! This is #14 for ICAD, I am pretty behind (today should be #19!) So I pulled up a photo that I took in Paris in April 2012 and take the prompt for Summer of Color Week #2 and roll with it. I really loved the way the orange and hot pink (the prompt for SOC) looked and thought it would fit perfectly with The Eiffel Tower. 

Once I finally get the oomph to get my Etsy Shop going I think this would make a great 5x7 print. Eeep. What's holding me back currently is trying to find some good cardboard mailers to use at the deutsche post... Everyone suggested I go to TEDI or KIK but they've only got bubble mailers, and that just wont do! Any suggestions? 

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