I know most of you don't know me too terribly well, but, I want you to know that my life is pretty much rainbows, butterflies, green grass, and every thing that's nice. You want to know why? It's because I work very hard to make and keep it that way. I rarely have huge issues that cause a bunch of drama, and I rarely have negative things to speak of, especially on a public place like my blog. 

I am basically predisposed to, and have suffered from negativity, pessimism, depression, and downright bitchiness for basically, my whole life. I have gone through a whole lot in my mere 25 years of life, just like the rest of you. However, in January of 2010, I made a really big life altering choice for myself. I decided to be happy. I decided that being happy was a choice and I wanted to make that choice every morning. You know what happened in March of 2010? I met my to-be husband. It was a great choice of mine, to be happy, that is. Nothing but greatness has come of it.

For someone who struggles with depression and the like, it's really a daily battle to be happy. I constantly am reminding myself to look on the bright side to every negative or difficult situation I encounter. -- I have found that there is always a bright side, and always a lesson to be learned. 

Sometimes, on this voyage of being happy, I have to remove myself from negative and hostile people, things, and activities. I find myself way too easily sucked in by their negativity. And it puts me off for at least the rest of the day, if not more. I have to ask myself, "Are these people, things, and/or activities worth my happiness?" More often than not, they aren't. They are not worth the emotions that I spend on them.

My solution to this ever reoccurring problem is to weed it out. I don't care who it is or what it is. Emotions are contagious, positive and negative. Unfortunately the negatives really affect me, deep down, causing me to sway from my happy. Sometimes they break down my wall of positivity, making me have to rebuild from the bottom up. I would rather be known for spreading love, rather than hate. 

Yes, I have my bad days, and I bet that you could find a really unhappy post throughout my blog, if you looked hard enough. However, I try really hard to keep my blog a happy place. I have friends and family to talk to when something is really needing to be talked about. So I try not to "air my dirty laundry" as they say. 

Something else I try very hard to do (again, it's a constant struggle), is to live and let live. I constantly find myself being sucked into hostile situations of judgement and the like. I really get into it, too, unfortunately. And later? I feel GUILTY. Guilty that I even thought about the situation more than once because I wasted a TON of emotion, breath, words, speaking of it. I ask myself again is it worth it? Absolutely not.

Sometimes it's hard, to find out what kind of person, thing, activity is -- Positive? Negative? Sometimes you have to get in there and really find out. Sometimes you find yourself to be overly invested, or maybe you had high hopes at the beginning. But if you find that it is causing you to have negative thoughts, or making you feel uncomfortable... -- It's best to let it go. Let it/them do their own thing. You don't have to keep participating.

How do you combat negativity?

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