You know how you find those little gems around the web? Well, you should share them! Share with the internet those little gems that made you smile, laugh, feel good, or remember something. Do it. It helps the world go around. You know they say the best form of advertisement is word of mouth, right? Well, talk away people, talk away! Here are some of those gems from the past week that made me think, or smile, or laugh, or remember something that would make someone else happy! 

A beautiful excerpt from Marc and Angel Hack Life, 9 Questions Unhappy People Never Ask.  Kind of ties into my post about my happiness the other day.

Can you work at being fearless? Fear is at the heart of most of our worst choices.

I have heard of Poppytalk before, but I just rediscovered it! Beautiful stuff there! :) Wow! 

Super awesome and cute honeycomb pattern iPhone wallpaper downloads! By Eva Black Designs! Thanks Eva! I downloaded them both. I couldn't make up my mind! 

Elembee just put out a grouping of her favorite free script and handwritten fonts! I love them all!! 

I love art, and I love blogs who share awesome art and products! I just stumbled over Kyla's blog Kyla is Inspired, and let me tell you, she hit it right on the head! The stuff is inspiring!! 

What if this is it? What if I'm happy? -- Great insight from the Five Sixteenths blog! 

The Kinch Life reminded me that we should ALL send more Thank You cards! It could be someone's bright spot in their bad day, or even more! Let your friends and family know you're thinking about them. 

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