These last two weeks have been really hard to get my art on for some reason! It's like, I can only have one hobby at a time?? I dunno, I started working out again last Friday (April 26th) and ever since then, getting anything to paper has felt slightly like torture. Weird? 

I bought this glass at one of the German thrift stores the other week. I am so happy I did. I love to see the water change color when I am painting. :) This is something that helped me get my creative juices flowing. 

Finally on Friday (May 3rd) I was procrastinating my work out, naturally. So I pulled out my art supplies and found a photo that I'd love to paint! 

This photo was taken on the way back to Germany from Italy. The Alps! :) It was pretty gorgeous. 

So, I just started by getting some paint down. It was the only way anything creative was going to come out of these finger tips. One of my favorite things to do when I am not feeling all that creative is to just get some color down. 

Sometimes, I think that I use too much watercolor, and not enough water. Like, I am used to acrylics or something. However, I haven't used acrylics since like, high school! So I don't know why I use SO MUCH color. I mean, I like the outcome. But, it sometimes seems like, I can't grasp the concept of Watercolors, or of the concept "less is more". lol. Practice, Practice, Practice, I suppose. 

So here are the results. I tried to do two different paintings from the same photo, and it took me well over a week to complete them. I am not sure why... But they maybe just weren't my thing or something. however, I am very happy with them both. I might try landscape again... Someday. 

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with this awesome floral wreath... And I took the plunge and decided that in my *hopeful* future etsy shop, it would make great Thank You cards! :) What do you think? Should I put it up in my shop when I open it??

Yesterday, I went out and picked a bunch of random greens. I have been thinking about doing this for the last couple of days every time I went out and took Koodge for a pee.

I was so happy with what I found outside I just had to paint some! I was giddy, even. It was kind of crazy. Haha.

My desk space as I was working on the greens. 

I was so proud to finish this one! I kept going back and fourth between three different drawings. But this one was definitely the most fun!

My lack of patience won again. Too much detail here... I lost interest pretty quick, obviously.

I really enjoyed painting these ones! I found the leaves to be soooo stinkin' cute! I hope that my errands don't run too long tomorrow (offered to give someone a ride into Nuremberg tomorrow, *sigh* it's like 45 mins away), so I can come home and paint the rest of the greens I picked from outside.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I had a photo shoot with all the cute greens that I picked from outside! I may have had a little too much fun with the photo shoot. But I think they turned out wonderfully. I think I will post those tomorrow!

How do you harness your creativity during a dry spell?

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