Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you have a super awesome Sunday! I think husband and I are planning on doing some baking! Very exciting. Maybe some bread, pizza dough and breakfast muffins.... We'll see how it goes! Maybe I'll make up a recipe post for those breakfast muffin things that we make. We made some not too long ago and man, they were delicious! 

Anyway, here are some fun links I found for you this week! 

Here is a PDF file of some recipes that use S.O.S Sauce Mix! S.O.S Sauce Mix is a handy mix you can use to replace any of those Cream of ______ soups! I really need to make this mix! {image source}

These freaking iPhone cases from How About Orange! Are. to. die. for! Aren't they?! I love the dark blue one with the coral, white and turquoise flowers! It reminds me very much of Sweden for some reason! haha. 

These really super cool sea creature overrun dishes! I found them over on Colossal. These are by artist Mary O'Malley, she is even selling these on her Etsy Shop, how cool! 

I've only just recently heard about it, but have you heard about Skillshare? It's an online learning community! Classes are taught by anyone with a skill to share!! (see what's happening here?!). I looked into it and there are quite a few interesting classes! And, the prices really aren't bad! I was really interested in the Lettering: Learn to Draw Illustrative Words class ($20 USD), I mean, it's just beaconing me... And there's even a Meatball class ($15 USD), I assume it shows you how to make awesome meatballs... haha. 

My Freebie Font Doodles were featured over at AdorableDesign.Com! How cool is that? I was wondering why I had this influx of page views! :) Go check it out! There's some other super cute Free fonts you can download over there too!

I thought this was awesome, but the WhiteHouse now has a Tumblr, and they've promised GIFs, this is the first one, and it's awesome. Check it out! I don't care what you think, but I think Obama is awesome. And this GIF? Bahaha, Amazingly gangster.

Well, that's all for today everyone! I hope you found something great in here! :) Have a wonderful Sunday! 

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