So, on Saturday, I shared with you some sketches, but I also shared with you something personal. I talked to you all about how I have been super nervous to wear certain items in fear of judgment and/or ridicule.

When I was young I didn't care at all what other people thought about me, I listened to weird music (compared to other people where I lived, they listened to Country, and me... I like me some metal), wore whatever struck my fancy (Goth days, anyone?). I did. not. care. at all, not one bit. And everyone who knew me then would say the same thing. I knew who I was and I didn't care what you, your mom, or your boyfriend thought of me. I was a bad ass. For real.

As soon as I got married, I started worrying more. Somehow and all of a sudden I was a "grown up". I worry all the time about what other people will think of me, and let me tell you, it's so frustrating. Nowadays, I would rather stay home and type to you all than do anything else. I like my alone time, it's free of judgement. lol. 

Lately, I have been thinking really hard about wanting to WEAR WHAT I WANT. Which is so hard for me to do for some reason. A while ago, the PX had a sale on some flower patterned jeans in a few different colors. And I totally loved them, I would stare at them and pet them. One day I finally tried them on, and man, they made my butt look FABULOUS. But I was even too scared then to buy these freaking $3 jeans, because I was nervous that I wouldn't wear them, and if I did, someone would most definitely make fun of me, or say something that hurt my feelings. I know, I play like I'm all hard, but, my feelings get hurt really easily.

It doesn't help that one of my best friends in the whole world is really outspoken, and every time I point out something different that I think is cute she goes "ick!", or scoffs at me. It's pretty something, but she is still a great friend and I love her to bits and pieces, I just got to figure out how to ... let her know that when that happens it hurts my feelings a bit and makes me feel a little self conscious. 

So on Saturday, I finally got the guts and the urge to go shopping (this urge doesn't hit me very often, because... I don't really love spending money, ANYWAY). I wanted to go shopping, and I couldn't find anyone to go shopping with me! I didn't want to invite above said friend, because of the ick-factor, so, Husband kindly offered, I was nervous at first to bring him, because I knew what I wanted, and I knew that what I wanted was different from the usual stuff that I wear. However, he had my back the whole time. A very amazing husband that I have!

The first stop for shopping was shoes, so we went into Deichmann's and went searching. I was specifically searching for either flat oxfords, or the heels that I painted and showed you on Saturday. Unfortunately, they didn't have any flat oxfords that were suitable for me, so I went with the heels. They were the outfit's glue. 

I am not supposed to tell anyone, but since husband was my right hand man, he went with me into all the stores and was holding the shoe up for color comparison, the whole time. Sound effects were also included, he said it was necessary. I didn't complain, and actually, he was the best shopping buddy I have ever had. He is happy though, that I am not one of those shoppers who spend hours and hours in one store. I usually have a plan for what I am going to buy, I get in, get out, and get on with it. I hate looking in stores for too long! 

Yup, I am standing on my coffee table, don't judge.
The purpose of buying this outfit was getting out of my normalcy, my comfort zone, of just wearing my boot cut Levi's, and a tee or tank every darn day. I have been wanting to buy skinny jeans forever but really wasn't sure how I felt about them. Honestly, the only reason I really want to get used to them is because they are way more common now than boot cut jeans! They're easier to find! Which is just crazy to me, I have been wearing boot cuts and flairs for like, ever, it's hard for me to get out of my normalcy. 

Anyway, on Saturday my above mentioned friend was having her mini bachelorette party, so I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to wear this new outfit. We will be out at a bar, with no one that I really knew, so none of them would know that this wasn't what I usually wear. lol. 

I am not sure what I am doing with my face. Husband had to take the photo for me and apparently, I have no idea what I am doing with my face sometimes. ehhhh. lol

Honestly, overall, I think the outfit was a success. The pants were comfortable, and I really liked the colors that I chose. The pants are grey, if you couldn't tell, they look a bit blue in the last photo. 

Outfit price, in Euro. 
Deichmann's Shoes: 19.90
C&A Pants: 19.00
H&M Tank top: 6.95
H&M Lace top: 9.95
C&A Scarf: 7.00
Earrings: Probably cheap, I've had them for a while.
Total: 62.80
(that's about $81.56 USD)

What kind of clothes do you want to buy, but are afraid to?

*I promise you, I am not a fashionista, nor a fashion blogger. I am 100% sure that these outfit posts wont be a regular thing. I will probably only post when some sort of monumental clothing related thing happens to me. Like this post, this is the first time I have worn skinny jeans. So, it's kind of a big deal! lol


  1. Love the outfit! So cute! :)

  2. AHHHH!
    I LOVE those shoes!!! And that scarf!!
    You look great (:

  3. Your outfit is awesome - love the shoes the best!

    I don't give a flying flip what anyone thinks about me, what I wear or what I do. You can't spend your life worried about what other people think - you only have yourself to answer to in the end. :-)

  4. nice post, glad you bought what you wanted and you look fantastic!

  5. Woohoo! You are totally rocking it! I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge.

  6. I just knew you would look AMAZING! loving the lace top as well those shoes, so lush. I can't wear heels any more so well jell :) love the thick laces/ribbon with them.

    It's easy to say don't let others matter when they say stuff but it's no use it does! I know that feeling. I went for it once with a pair of RED jeans I had been looking and wanting for a while but like you though what will people think? I also have a very supportive partner and he said my bum looked amazing so that was that and I bought them. That was a long time ago. I am huge now and so I don't have as many options at a large size. But every now and then I get my hair cut and find something I know I am going to be comfortable in & look like I want.

    I think you have passed a small mile stone and it will only be a matter of time before you are off shopping again (maybe those flower jeans) they sound fun!

  7. Numero Uno: You look really classy in your new outfit. Are those the pink heels? They are so cool!

    Numero Duo: I like to be different, always have. (I'm like a hundred years older than you are so we are talking generations apart, but hey, I like to be cool too!)

    Numero Trace: I don't give a darn what anyone else "Thinks!"

    Numero Four: I buy lots of my clothes in thrift stores and consignment shops (saves bocu bucks) Looking down at myself now: cardigan sweater from Eddie Bauer Outlet store several years ago; blouse from consignment shop, also old; pants from Ross for $9 (cotton) also years old; sandals, actually expensive on sale at Cabella's on a vacation trip (when I sometimes splurge).
    Bracelet, from a yard sale; blue nail polish on fingernails and toenails from recent manicure/pedicure splurge for a family gathering party. Silver band wedding ring, $12 at a craft store 28 years ago!
    And no, I don't care what anyone thinks!

    My advice, go buy the $3 flowered jeans and enjoy the heck out of wearing them.

  8. You'll go through personal profile phases in life. You'll be worried what people think and then you wont care and then you'll really go over the edge and do or wear somthing totally off the wall (get a tatoo, dye your hair red, etc) and then you'll start to worry again and then you wont care and so on and so on......
    That's life babe BUT, YOU have ONE huge thing going for you and a four word comeback to any comments or suggestions that may come your way. You simply look them right in the eye and say, "hey, I'm an artist". That alone answers all the questions in life and the way you sould view yourself. Art, it's been my excuse for years and it NEVER let me down!
    View yourself as an artist, as a work of art, non-critical and non-constructive and non-conforming, know that not everyone will love it but those who do will REALLY LOVE IT! And most importantly is that YOU love it.

    If that doesn't work then go with the back up three word comeback, "Go F*ck Yourself" which never fails:)

  9. Love those ankle boots! I have ones like those and I love wearing them :) Except I cant wear them toooo long, not comfy :(


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