Describe your first date with your now current partner. Did you feel any "butterflies" on your first couple of encounters? Did you have any indication it would later be the "real deal?"

I feel like I've talked about my "love story" a lot lately. But you know, I don't really mind. It's a great one. I hope you all aren't bored yet. ;) 

I am not sure if anything that Husband and I did really constituted as a "date". But I'll just tell the story. Haha.

The first time we met, was in a bar, lol. I was there with a friend who was meeting his other friends. Husband and I were both in different relationships. I honestly don't even remember if we talked much or not... I remember texting my then boyfriend pretty much the whole time we were out. I remember there was some Karaoke going on Husband and I weren't into it... I don't remember a whole lot of that night, and husband didn't even really register on my meter. I do, however, remember that towards the end of the night being attracted to him, standing closer to him, and being impressed by him. Nothing happened, I was pretty faithful to the guy I was dating at the time. I was impressed by Husband though.

Yup, a show off... I married a show off. He is a Leo, it kind of makes sense. ;) 
The second time we met, he invited me via FB to his welcome home BBQ, he had been in AIT with the Army learning his job and this was his leave before he jetted off to S.Korea. This welcome home BBQ was a total sausage fest, no, I don't think there were any actual sausages, but there were ALL DUDES. I was the only chick. Even still, I was comfortable there. Husband and I really got on very well. We chatted late into the morning. (You've really gotta click on the link to read it all! It's sooooo cute, I promise!).

A few days later, Husband took me to the beach. I think this might have constituted as our "first date". He rented me a fancy hotel on the ocean and it was amazing (definitely click the link for pics and more info). It was pretty amazing, I mean, I did get to get a peek of the price of that room, and let me tell you, it was not cheap. He blew me away.

This was when I was really starting to fall for him. He was a goof who made up stories to tell on the way down (the drive was like, 2-3 hours or something), to keep me entertained. I always fall asleep on long drives (some short drives too, as the passenger, of course) but, I was way too embarrassed to fall asleep! I didn't want to end up snoring in the passenger seat or something!

A few days later, it was Easter. My Dad's side of the family is pretty religious, and they had invited me to meet them at a Winery somewhere in Oregon, to have brunch. I invited Husband even though Easter isn't really his thing (neither is it mine, but, I like food). Surprised he even said yes, because that day, he pretty much met my whole Dad's side of the Family. Yeah. Brave guy! Much to my amazement, my whole family LOVED him to pieces. They were very impressed by him. I think they were as smitten as I was! Believe me, that's saying something! 

This is when something clicked. 

Something inside told me, this was the guy.

On the way home from the Winery, husband took me wine tasting. Let me tell you people, this was my FIRST time drinking any kind of wine! And, we went to a LOT of places. I was n't exactly, well... sober. All of a sudden I bursted out with "IF YOU WOULD ASK ME TO MARRY YOU RIGHT NOW, I'D TOTALLY SAY YES!"

Guess what ladies? I didn't scare him off!

A few days later, Husband took of to S.Korea. I called my dad to ask him what exactly he thought of Husband. My dad said "You better keep ahold of this guy!".

6 months later, friends. We were married. How about that?

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  1. Oh how sweet. I really enjoyed reading this. When I first saw my husband I "knew" he was the one very quickly. It was an instant connection and I always felt like I knew him before I actually did. Weird? Yes, but it's been almost 10 years that we have been together now!!! I love him to pieces. :)

  2. That is actually the first time I've read "The Love Story" and.......I LOVE IT! Very well written and nicely said.

    My wife and I were actually friends in other relationships that we use to bitch at each other about our significant others. Confused yet? I was, and little did we realize that we were falling for eachother but too true to our relationships and our own morals to react. We parted to finish our last year in college in different states, actually 600 miles away from each other.

    Before I left, I broke off my relationship that was domed already and focused on school not really partying or dating. We kept in touch but months would pass before we would make contact. Then, I invited my wife to my graduation party. We talked a day before we saw each other and I found out that she had broken her bad relationship too. Hmmmmmm.

    I expected to see her around 6PM and she was right on time. What I didn't expect was the feeling inside me when our eyes met for the first time in well over a year! I was drawn to her in a way I can't explain but it happened very naturally.

    Let's just say I missed the whole first two hours of my own party:)My parents were soooo pisssed but I didn't care, I was IN LOVE! That was 22 years ago, wow. Thanks for provoking the memory.

  3. What a lovely and romantic retrospective :)

  4. This made me smile. :) Thanks for sharing a nice story.


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