Look friends, blog design is important. It can be the deciding factor on whether someone is going to read your blog, or close the tab and move on to the next. 

While I am not the BEST blog designer in the world, I do design my own blog, and... you're reading this right?? Meaning, it's not hard to navigate, and you didn't find my blog so displeasing to you that you didn't close the window and move onto the next blog in your line up.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty...

Feel free to save and use or print this image! Don't forget to link back here if you use it on your blog! 
And so does everyone else who views your blog.

Personally, I would rather read a blog with absolutely no coloring or design in it. Meaning, a plan black and white, and maybe you're talented enough to add in some colors for links and titles and such.


Yes, I know it's boring. But, the point is, it's READABLE. That is very important in a blog. It's readability.

You have to agree that the above screen shot is MUCH easier to read than lets say... This one:

Now, the above screen shot is of course, an exaggeration, but you have to be honest, you've seen blogs like this before! And unless it was a friend of yours, I bet you've clicked on to the next blog. -- I love reading newbie blogs as much as the next person, but if it's hard for me to read, I can't stay.

All in all friends,
Feel free to use/print this image, again don't forget to link back here!

Come back next Monday for another heart to heart about your blog! 


  1. Oh my giddy aunt I hate busy busy blogs... they completely do my head in ... and please save us from blogs with music added to them... and why is it usually hippy dippy music... that is like my worst nightmare... and have to say a touch relieved you are judging me on my blog and not the size of my ass.... not sure I would pass muster on that one... xx

  2. Hahaha so agree, design is very important depending on what type of blog you are running, a personal one, promoting a shop etc. If it's not readable or does not flow, ex. images over lapping etc. People will leave, and that isn't really the point of having a blog. Nelly and I were skyping talking about how we will stay on our sites for hours, tweaking every little thing.

  3. Amen to that!!! I hate busy blogs. Especially the blogs with tons of ads. You can't control the color of the google Ads and stuff.. so it's just a big mess. Hate it.

  4. Blog Bashin, alright!
    Everything that you said is absolutely the truth! I do judge people by their blog and I'm not ashamed to admit it either. Hey, you're putting it out there and I'm checking it out. Too many long post, lousy pictures, so many adds, and how about those pop ups that when you just cruise by with your cursor some big freaking box pops up with the top ten dog pooper scoopers on BizRate. I'm gone!

  5. I like simplicity as well. I hate clutter on blogs.


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