A while ago, I shared my experience and excitement of my first eye exam! And guess what?? I finally got the glasses that I ordered from Zennioptical the other day... or week, or something! 

And I really love them! The shape is great, and they feel awesome on my face!

But, I don't know if it's normal that they kind of hurt my eyes... And, I don't know if it's because of the anti-glare that I ordered on them or not, but around white words or road signs I see a blue halo-type color around the white, and it's really weird. I do SEE some things a bit better but I feel like my eyes have to focus a lot harder... And it feels like the signs (cause I was trying them out in the dark when driving, which was suggested) were kind of jittery?? Weird??

I don't know, someone tell me I am not crazy?! I am not 100% sure what I am SUPPOSED to be seeing?! hahaha. Some words were easier to see, but that blue around the edges of white words, really kind of messed it all up.

I have some coming from Firmoo that do not have this anti-glare stuff on them, so I am excited to see the difference. If I don't see a difference I will be making another appointment with the optometrist! 

*I was not contacted by Zennioptical to do any kind of review. This was done on my own volition and is my own opinion.


  1. My eyes hurt when I first got glasses, but the blue halo is weird! I can't wait to hear about the other brand!

  2. Those glasses look adorable on you. But you shouldn't be seeing a halo and signs shouldn't be jittery. The glasses should make everything look "crisp" and super clear.

    Give them a few days of wearing them to see if your eyes feel better, but if they still hurt and you're still having halo and jittery problems, call the eye doctor and go back in.

  3. I've ordered from Zenni, as well. Did your eye doctor figure out your pupillary distance or did you do it yourself? I tried once to do it on my own, and found it made my eyes hurt, as well.

  4. Hi "Um_and_uh" - My doc did the PD.

    Just to let you know, you happen to be a "no reply blogger" check out my post: http://blog.adriennerose.me/2013/01/hey-no-one-replies-to-me.html to see how to fix it! :)

  5. You already know how cute I think those glasses look on you. I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with that blue halo. I don't recall whether or not I ordered my pairs with anti-glare, so I can't say if that's normal.

    I can vouch for the fact that driving with glasses on at night is uncomfortable. My doctor recommended wearing my glasses for night driving, as well, and I've never gotten used to it. I'm sure it's a matter of training your eyes to adjust, but I just feel more comfortable with them off.


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