Sketchbook Sunday!


Started my 2nd installment of my Draw 100 Project. Here are the first 6 out of 100 5 minute female gestures. I like the 5 minute time restraint. It's a good time.

Then on I found a forum where some people put up their profile pics and allowed others to draw. So I picked one from Marlo and, got to work on my very first digital painting.


So I have been needing to drop husband off for work, and to pick him up. I found an app called Random Pose (A app). I am not sure how i feel about it, btu I suppose it's good for practice.

So I drew the below in pen, waiting for husband.

I went home and worked on my painting. :)

I think I did pretty darn well for my first digital painting. :) I am pretty proud of it! It was really fun to do too.


 I worked on some Color Theory stuff. To practice. :) Found these online somewhere... I'm sorry, I do not remember where.. I just googled "color theory worksheets".


For Spartan Camp and optional study was to study some shoulders, I haven't really made a study of a specific body part before. but I think that it is pretty fun! I've done some hands before, but, nothing else. :) Can't wait to do more.

Went to the library and picked up some drawing books.
Drawing on the Artist Within - Betty Edwards
The Natural Way to Draw - Nicolaides
Drawing People - Colin Caket
Drawing for Dummies - Brenda Hoddinott
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Betty Edwards.


Went to the doc's yesterday and did this while in the waiting room. Haha.

I did the left gesture from memory. I see now that the legs are much too long. And then the one on the right is Husband from memory. :) hehehe.

Did some 30 sec gestures (above) to warm up for some 5 minute gestures.

I think the 5 minute ones turned out very well this time around. I got some great contours and I was "meaningful" in my lines. I think that went very well.

I did some reading in The Natural Way to Draw, and reminded myself what gestures really were. They're supposed to represent the motion, action of the person. I have completely forgotten this! I need to remember this. But then I wonder... in the 5 minute gestures if... they're really supposed to be scribbly too, even though we have all this time to get all the information down?? Hmmm.


Trying to understand gestures better. Tried not to draw the object but the action. It's harder than it seems...

Then to my 5 minute female gestures. Not sure how this is going. But, it's going, I suppose... Gonna work on some shoulder stuff later today I think.

Shoulder studies. I used THIS WEBSITE for reference. I wanted to do even more studies. But my hand is hurting and I feel like I have been a drawing drone today. But I like it at the same time. Except that my hand hurts. Been going at this drawing stuff for quite some time today...

Since I am done with the Spartan Camp for this week's challenge, I was thinking about trying to do some more Loomis studies... I really want to get through the book... But I have all those other ones too... Acckkkk, so many things I want to do, so little timmmmeeee.


 Shoulder stuff for Spartan Camp #251 on Concept Art.

 30 second gestures, still trying to get a hang of this "essence" thing...

5 minute sketches.

Pg 41 from Andrew Loomis: Figure Drawing for all it's Worth.
I've drawn a lot of the last week. People are noticing my abilities to be getting better. The Mannkin is difficult for me... The more I draw it, the more the proportions are off... uggghhhh. More practice I presume.


Read art books
Project Draw 100

Project Draw 100
1 minute female gestures - [done] completed: 104/100
1 minute male gestures - [done] completed: 104/100
5 minute female - [in progress] completed: 42/100
5 minute male - completed: 0/100
10 minute female - completed: 0/100
10 minute male - completed: 0/100

Figure Drawing for all it's Worth - Andrew Loomis -- [Opened] Currently Reading pg.41
Drawing on the Artist Within - Betty Edwards -- [Opened] Currently Reading pg.14
The Natural Way to Draw - Nicolaides -- [Opened] Currently Reading pg.9
Drawing People - Colin Caket
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Betty Edwards
Drawing for Dummies - Brenda Hoddinott


  1. are you kidding me with that first digital painting!!?? i -still- can`t color digitally! seriously, i`m amazed! great job on all of it! (:

  2. Your digital drawing is great! And thank you for the link to What a great site for doing gesture drawings as well as studies!!

  3. Drawing on the right side of the brain is quite good you've shared so much great work thanks for sharing withSMWYG hope to see you back next Wednesday!

  4. oh wow!!! love all of your sketches...what a great post!!! wonderful digital work too!!!!

  5. Holy crap! That digital painting is freaking fabulous!


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