Coffee Talk with Nat.

1. Compile your best music mix tape!

Let me tell you, this shit was not easy to do! Everyone's Mix Tape is not very user friendly and their UI sucks. Just saying.  So there's a short mix of music that pumps me up when I hear it come on. :)

2. Biggie or 2Pac?
Whoever sung the "Because I'm a motha-fukkin' P I M P!". Was that Biggie? I have no idea. Not really my style.

Sir mix a lot. Yeah. Haha. He's cool. Cause I like big butts too. But not the scary big ones... like that one that I've seen floating around with this bigger black lady with her kid STANDING on her ass like it's a shelf... 

3. Best music video ever made.
I uh... Don't really watch music videos that much? I've only ever seen a couple... Unless I look them up, and then there's the whole, living in Germany thing again... They have this thing that doesn't let a lot of them play when I look them up on YouTube, it's a pain in the ass.  

4. Put together your best outfit of your favorite singer/band in
I am not really sure... if this quite works with the type of music I listen to... 

5. What music is your guilty pleasure?
Murderdolls. Yeah. LOL. If you don't like a lot of profanity and vulgar content... Uhm, don't look them up. Just sayin'.

6. Quote your favorite lyric from a song.
Hey, It's gonna be okay, hey, we're going to laugh at this one day. 


  1. i just heard volbeat for the first time a few months ago, i love them!

  2. Master P sang tht lmao

  3. oh wow I love your mix tape you created i might have to steal the play thingy lol ;)

  4. Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE your mixtape thingy?! And I think the last time I actually watched a music video because I wanted to was maybe in high school?! I don't know...I watched Sweet Brown Aint Nobody Got Time for that. Does that count? -Jessica L


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