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So today I did 30 one minute gestures (I used this site -The Drawing Script - for reference, which is really nice because you can pick a time in seconds for the photo to be up, and when that time is up, it goes to the next one). And I realized 1 minute is really not a very long time. As you can see, some of them I didn't even get the time to complete the gesture... I've been reading around about art and stuff lately, and I came across the idea of Draw 100 or The 100 Project. This great video by CtrlPaint explains it very well. But basically, whatever you want to get better at, draw it 100 times. Heads, hands, feet, gestures.... Whatever. Here is another great resource (Pixelovely) to explain it. 

So I am going to do 100, 1 minute gesture drawings of females. For now. I kind of want to do 100 of everything. 100 - 1 minute male gestures, 100 heads, 100 feet, 100 hands... It could be fun. Right? Boring?? I dunno. I like the idea of it. 

Later in the evening I started reading a book by Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing for all it's Worth. Let me tell you, even though in my Art Classes during college, we were supposed to read all kinds of special art books to help us learn to draw better... I never read them. I skimmed the pages, acted like I knew what I was talking about, and got great grades... Totally a skill in itself... But I surprise myself all the time with the things I am willing to do now to learn. Without spending tons of money on college courses. Fuck that. 

So today's drawing is me trying to understand the concept of Loomis' "Male - Ideal Proportions". Which I think is weird, because well... They look weird. Don't you think? I dunno, it probably just takes practice. The next page is the "Female - Ideal Proportions"... We'll see how that goes.

PS. I totally use my handwriting as the font to type in the notes there!! *squee*! 


Only 70-100 to go and I cannot tell if I am getting better at it or not. I know I am taking too much time on something. I cannot tell what though. I just cannot seem to get the whole body out there on the paper in one minute. lol I cannot be the only person with this problem, right? haha. Once someone told me not to shy away from placing hands and feet and I want to be like, DUDE, I'm NOT! I just didn't GET there yet! lol

Did a little study and then read some more Loomis. Having a hard time matching the grid to the drawing, and vice verse... lol. It looks weird. I swear, when I don't use a grid, they look FINE. haha.


Finished up my Draw 100 Project pt. 1. 100 (104 actually) female 1 minute gestures. Trying to decide if I should move on to male or, if I should go longer on the gesture time. I felt like I was starting to get a better hang of my gestures with this last set, trying ot pick the best way for me to quickly get it down. With scribbles, and then darkening the outsides. I felt like I got more down that way. Not sure why the other way wasn't really producing the whole figure. Maybe it's just a tablet thing. Or something.

My studies from Andrew Loomis Figure Drawing for all it's Worth. A little hard to grasp for me. But, I think it's helping.

Today I am sitting here in front of my computer, trying to decide for my Draw 100 Project 0.2 (lol) if I should lengthen my gesture time for females, or, if I should go on to do 1 min male gestures. I guess we'll see!!

So obviously I went on and decided to do male 1 minute gestures as my next step for my Draw 100 Project.


I am really enjoying this Drawing 100 Project at this point. The one minute gestures go by so fast. And I learned so much.


Finished up my male 1 minute gestures for my Draw 100 Project. I feel really good about it. I think my next step is going to be 5 minute gestures male and female. 100 each. And then I think I will try to draw some by memory. Some people suggested it over on ConceptArt. I think it sounds like a good exercise.

PG 39 and 40 from my Loomis: Figure Drawing for all it's Worth book. Wasn't going very well for me last night. So I plan on going over the Details of the Mannkin Frame again today... They just weren't turning out like they are supposed to. I felt like I wasn't able to draw what I was seeing. And that just feels wrong. So I gave it up last night.


Started doing my 5 minute gesture studies. I feel the ease coming with the constant practice. I think drawing every day is doing me well!!

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