Our First GeoCache Experience!!

Guess what!? I was going to share my first experience Geocaching on here. But THEN, I was invited to guest blog over at CacheCrazy.com!! 

Here's a little snippet: 
"...I've been trying to think about ways husband, Koodge (the dog), and I could go out and have some fun bonding time, all for really cheap! Then I came across a blog who mentioned Geocaching "dates". I was intrigued!"

Let me tell you a little bit about Geocaching, if you don't know already. Basically it's a treasure hunt. But the treasure is in the hunt, not the find! Ya hear? lol. Anyway, you go to websites like Geocaching.com and you sign up. You can find us under the username "Koodge".  And you search for nearby caches! It gives you the coordinates of the cache, the difficulty of the terrain, difficulty of the find, how big the container is, and sometimes it will have something you need to decode like a special hint! Then you can use any sort of GPS (even your phone!) to find it!

Husband, Koodge and I think it's a great family bonding time because we ALL can do it. We can load Koodge up in the car, or take him out on a walk. Basically this is a free activity for you and your family to do together! 

So, for some castles, kitties, and general debauchery head on over to my Guest post, over at CacheCrazy.com!!


  1. I already commented over on the Guest Post, but just wanted to stop in and say: Great Story! :o)


  2. I'm happy you shared your story at CacheCrazy.com! And, I'm happy to have had the opportunity to know you, your blog, your photos, your family and the fun you can have for just the effort. Keep on caching guys and share your adventures!
    Live it up!


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