Finally got going on one of the "pre-instruction" drawing suggestions from the book Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards... And wow... Wow... did I ever do I shit job?! This morning was kind of a weird grumpy morning for me. I was drawing along, and then... My arm fell asleep... So I had to stop. But, it really wasn't going well... Obviously the pinky is too long, and the thumb is both too fat and too long. It looks like an old lady hand. Gross me out the door. 

Then I started working on Koodge as a puppy portrait, a PUP-ortrait if you will. I am thinking of a blog re-design and I would like to have a little Koodge to put up in my header. Hehe. It will be cool if I can figure out how to do it the way I have pictured in my head!


Worked on Koodge some more today. Man, it is way harder to do these paintings in color!! But, on the bright side, it is occupying a lot of my time. Which is good... I suppose... It's not like I have like, dishes or laundry to do or anything.... 

I did not draw at all on this day. I was grumpy... SO VERY GRUMPY. I should have never gotten out of bed...  This was the first day since Dec 27th that I didn't draw at all... So weird. I think I did attempt some actual sketchbook drawing, but I remember it being so terrible... that it doesn't even count!


Finished up my Koodge painting! See it up there in my header?? Hehe. Man, he was a difficult subject to paint! The colors are so complex, and I still don't think I got it down 100%... But, I just had to stop, because... it was not being fun to do anymore. So I called it good. *shrug*.

I honestly didn't draw anything for the rest of the week... 
Ehhhh. Ah well. 

There's always tomorrow to get back on schedule!! :) 


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Project Draw 100

Project Draw 100
1 minute female gestures - [done] completed: 104/100
1 minute male gestures - [done] completed: 104/100
5 minute female - [in progress] completed: 42/100
5 minute male - completed: 0/100
10 minute female - completed: 0/100
10 minute male - completed: 0/100

Figure Drawing for all it's Worth - Andrew Loomis -- [Opened] Currently Reading pg.41
Drawing on the Artist Within - Betty Edwards -- [Opened] Currently Reading pg.14
The Natural Way to Draw - Nicolaides -- [Opened] Currently Reading pg.9
Drawing People - Colin Caket
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Betty Edwards
Drawing for Dummies - Brenda Hoddinott Skimmed through the whole book and decided it wasn't for me.


  1. So talented you are ;)

  2. That painting is brilliant. Seriously. Talented lady!!!

  3. Pup is so cute funny how mood screws up drawing but hey at least you tried!

  4. What a beautiful dog painting! I love that nose and those eyes. I need to practice pet portraits. There is some good money in that!

    Red Coat Studio

  5. Love the painting and I must say that I hate drawing hands... I managed to get through years of art school without once having them in a painting so kudos on giving them a shot...
    T xx

  6. Lovely work, great talent :)
    Enjoy your Sunday!


  7. Love your dog painting, great nose and eyes! What medium are you using? Yes, hands and feet - notoriously tricky! :)

  8. Your dog is so well done and looks so loveable ~ great sketch of the hand ~

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

  9. Your PUP-ortrait is adorable!! Nice detail on his nose. What a great guardian for your blog. ^.^

    ♥ aquariann
    Art Update: Fantasy Mushroom Drawing

  10. yep love the pup-ortrait too! I think your hand is pretty good too. yOu should see when I try to do hands, ugh.
    cheers, dana

  11. Loving your work and your fresh, fab blog! AWESOME! happy SS

  12. amazing wet nose! Happy Sunday Sketching!

  13. sounds likeyou are having a grand old time! The hand is actually quite good though when you say it looks like an 'old lady hand' I can see your point. I find that really funny bc really, are we not all 'old ladies' just waiting to happen?

  14. i think the hand is wonderful. they are not easy to draw with all their many shapes and sizes.

  15. I am in love your puppy portrait! And he looks so cute popping out of your blog header. Thanks for the sunday sketch visit:)


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