That's great, it starts with an earthquake...

It's the end of the world as we know it,
and I feel fine! 

Hey peeps, I just wanted to touch on the end of the world. Do you think it will end? Do you think it will end at any time that other people think it might end? For instance, I mean, we lived through the year 2000!! Hahah, man, I just think some people are crazy. 

However, I will admit that those crazy end of the world movies, like, the ones with all those natural disasters!! Those scare me! Natural disasters scare me. I tell you what... Just thinking about it kind of makes my heart race. Being stuck, trying to survive without what you're used to. I mean, I think that many of us would survive, luckily for me, husband knows how to live off the land. I'd be pissed, but we'd survive. 

Though, I don't know what Koodge would do, especially since he can't really have that much meat. He gets pancreantitus (Yeah, I cannot figure out how to spell that one. lol.), and throws up for days. So I guess we'd have to start planting a bunch of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots for him... He loves anything crunchy! And then, I think we would have to slowly introduce real meat into his diet. 

The only stuff he gets around here is dog food, veggies, and the occasional scrap. But rarely anything of real meat... Man, oh man, the one time we gave him a real bone... Puke for days. Puke and diarrhea. I was not a happy puppy momma. 

Oh right, the end of the world... maybe it will just end all at once, like, it just explodes. Or something. I hope it would end like that, and not like the ice age. That would be really shitty.

But in all honestly, I don't think the world is just going to end when someone decides it will. I think if it does end, it will be the human's fault. Using up all of Mother Earth's resources, destroying the ecosystem completely. I think that's how the "world will end". But the world will not end, end. People will just die off. Because there's nothing for us to thrive on. 

There will be no one to blame but the humans.  

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  1. Funny thing, this morning I wake up to a HUGE snow and ice rain storm. So bad, that many people (including hubby) are getting sent back home from work. So I bet this might scare a few people... not sure. I was never really scared of 2012. Except Nostradamus stuff, that scares me because some of the things he predicted actually happened :/

    On a different note, this might sound weird to some, but my 3 dogs are vegetarians, just like their mom. The cats however do eat meat daily. But my dogs are healthy and get a few table scraps and supplements.



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