So sad that I forgot about this yesterday... I have been craving to do a blog post... But, just haven't had the inspiration. So I think I need to create an alarm in my phone or something... lol. 

SO yay! Time to show you some of my favorite Pins I pinned this week!! 

http://fyeahtattoos.com/ via Seattlestravels*
Hubpages via Racheal*
Handmade frozen dog treats.
Backgrounds from AugustEmpress via Me *
The City Chicken via Diane*
Southern Charm (http://southernpiphi.tumblr.com) via Sarah*
Mom on Time Out via ShugarySweets*

lolsnaps via Michelle*
ImaginationFactory via Me *
There are so many more Pins that I want to show you... But then my post would be like, a million miles long. *siiiiiiiigh*. I really just love the jackalope one though. Hahaha. So much fun.

Join in over at these two blogs! 
*All these items were either found on Pinterest or pinned to Pinterest by me.


  1. That pregnancy card made me literally burst out laughing! haha

    Love that chicken coop too. I want to have chickens one day, and I would love a huge set up like that!

  2. Oh man those chicken houses are awesome. I'm seriously considering looking into this. Just not sure it would be feasible here because of the cold weather we get 8 months of the year.

  3. um, i need that pregnancy card for when all my friends get preggers! hahaha


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