Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair -- A Link Up.

These questions seem fun! You know I love talking about myself, right? I mean, I do have a blog and all... haha.

1. How did you meet your partner?
Well, to sum it up in short... Husband and I first met during christmastime of 2009, it was brief, and both of us were in relationships. However, a couple of months later, we met again (single! Am I ever glad that the other dude broke it off with me when he went to Marine Boot Camp!), and really hit it off. He was on leave between AIT and getting stationed in S. Korea. I think he had 12 or 14 days home, and I am pretty sure we hung out for all but like, 2 of them. I am pretty sure we fell in love during that time. And our story is still going!

If you'd like to read the long version of How We Met, I have a blog post, here! 

2. How did you feel about your partner when you first met them?
Which time? lol. Well, the first time that we met, we were at a bar. And I didn't pay much attention to him, as we were both in relationships at the time, like I said earlier. I think I thought he was weird, or something. lol. Meeting people through other people is always a little bit weird for me. I am sure I was super awkward and texting the boyfriend that I had at the time, like, the whole time we were at the bar. I think there's even a photo of me texting the boyfriend that I had... Yup, there it is. Oh, and I will grace you with some other photos from that night. Man, am I ever glad that my friend had taken photos that day! hahaha. 

OH yeah, here are three of the four of us. Left, husband, middle, bro-in-law, right, me, of course. lol. Goodness, that was a great hoodie that I had on... Wish I never got rid of it. lol. And our friend Jeff was behind the camera.
Left: Husband, Middle: Jeff, Right: Brother in Law. I believe I am behind the camera on this one.
So, Husband back then... Liked to drink and then show off his push ups. Yes, he could do a lot of them. HOWEVER, if I would have known this then, I would have kicked his ass, as HUSBAND is not ALLOWED to do push ups, because he messed up his arm at some point. Doofus. I am glad that now, he has someone to tell him to stop showing off, because I do not want to hear his bitching. lol. 
3. Where was your first date taken place?
Our first date date, well, I guess the second time we met --- A couple of days later, he took me to the Oregon Coast (best place, ever!) and we spent the night, got drunk at the Oregon Coast Aquarium (total no no lol). And spent the night at a lovely expensive hotel on the beach. Haha, if you'd like to read more about that, click here!

4. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? (yep, I changed y'all to yourselves... I do things.)
Uh... Well, with the Army it's kind of hard to say. I hope we're still Army-ing, and living in a new country. There are so many variables that can change while you're living the Army life... You never know where you're going to go next, and when you DO know, that can change. It's the life.
5. Show a picture of you and your partner!

Husband and I when He got home from Afghanistan.
Husband and I munching on some grindage waiting for our flight out of Munich to head to Greece! 
Unfortunately, I think this is the most recent photo of the two of us... Taken in September in Greece. lol. I gotta get better about this stuff. Anyway, that's Oliver the Olive in the middle there. lol.


  1. Well this is just cute! Wish you lived closer! You guys look like a ton of fun!!!!


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