Thankful 24

I am so thankful that my dog is so very friendly. Though, I am sad that people see him the way that they do... He is a beagle mix, that is all. And he is the most friendly pup in the world! He even loves cats! It took forever at the Tierheim's (Animal Shelter) Mini Christmas Bazaar for any other dog owners to let their doggies say hi to Koodge. Poor guy. He was on the outskirts almost the whole time we were there today. But FINALLY some other dog owners came up with their pups and Koodge got to meet them. I am pretty sure it made his year! 

I am also thankful that I went to the tierheim today! Because, since my hubby wont let me have a kitty, I can get some kitty time in! You know, get my fix! I like to think of this time as doing my part, you know, volunteering.

I walked into the first kitteh room and the two cats on the left were the ones I saw first. The first one was hissing at me, he was obviously very grumpy. The other looked at me with his sleepy face, and then went back to sleep. I asked the room full of kitties if they were all sleeping, and all of a sudden I had this little cutie kittie nuzzling at my feet and mewing at me.

Sweet little thing. 

Kitty was all "Hey lady, what's in your pocket?!" -- Haha, it was so cute, and then it attacked me when I was trying to leave... Like, YOU CAN'T LEAVE NOW. I'VE GOT YOUR FEETS!!


ATTACK KITTY. Lmao. It was purring the whole time, and never bit hard. I wish I could take one home with me! 

I am thankful that I do have somewhere to go that has kitties though. Husband would kill me if I got one!


  1. Aww that guy is so cute! I had a cat growing up with similar markings, and he was fiesty like that. He loved to play fight. He was always my favorite =]

  2. I have a pit-bull terrier that looks similar to your dog. She is the sweetest dog in the world, but people always think "oh scary pitbull" :-(


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