Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair -- A link Up.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair1. When is your birthday? How old will you be? What is your sign?
Well, I am a Capricorn, and like that doesn't make my cynical enough... My birthday happens to fall on Christmas eve... What? I hear you say "At least it's not on Christmas day!"... Well, it is still on Christmas Day when your family is of Scandinavian/European heritage and they celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. That's right bitches. lol. AND, also... I currently live in Germany, that's right, where they celebrate Christmas on the 24th. 'Tis my life. lol.

I will be a quarter of a century old this year... I think I am going though my quarter-life crisis... I want to BUY ALL THE THINGS.

2. What's the BEST birthday gift you've ever gotten? What is the WORST gift?
Ehhhhhhhhh... Well, I think people get confused when they buy stuff for me... Cause to me you get like, useful things for Christmas, socks, clothing, clothing gift cards... etc. BUT, for birthdays you're supposed to get like, THE STUFF YOU WANT. Like, the frivolous stuff. And since my birthday happens to fall near Christmas, I get crap. I mean really, hubby bought me a can opener Christmas 2010... Really. He went there.

year will be different, and I know something I will get. Hehehehe. But, I'm keeping that to myself. Maybe this year will be the best present yet?! 

3. Do you like having birthday parties for yourself? What about surprise birthday parties? 
Gosh, this is kind of a sappy post, right? I feel pathetic.

It seems as though I cannot have a PARTY on my birthday... Everyone is always "Spending time with their families" and out of town, and all that crap... It's crap.

But, for my 22nd birthday, my friends and I all went out to a really nice bar/brewery on the night of the 23rd, so then, we partied until the morning of the 24th. That was the closest thing to having a party on my birthday I've had. lol.

Last year, we kind of tried to have a get together, it was kind of... meh. People that I cared about showed up, so that was really nice. I guess that's important. 

4. What is your dream birthday party bash??? 
You know, I don't really know... I never really got the kid birthday where everyone would come over, or we'd all go out somewhere... (that I really remember). And what do adults do on their birthday? I may need some input. I am so out of the birthday loop, for like, almost 25 years. 
5. What is your favorite kind of birthday cake? [handmade, store bought, made fresh by a baker]
My favorite cake? No cake. I am not a huge fan of cake... I think it's kind of gross... EXCEPT for Angel Food Cake, that shit is the bomb. 

6. What is on your birthday wish list?
I've got a few things. But I already know what my husband is trying to get for me. lol. I pulled it out of him the other day when he mentioned going on a budget, and I was like WHYYYYYYYYY? lol.

MacBook Pro
KitchenAid Mixer

New Bed
Tattoo (s)

Yeah, that's it. But they're all big ticket items. lol. Soooooooo. Yeah. I know what I am getting but, I am trying to keep it a secret from all of you... So I can do cool posts on it when I do get it. lol. 


  1. Well shit. Wait til you get in your 30s and people start FORGETTING your birthday and you have to depend on your blog friends to wish you one. HA! Story of my life!!!!

    My birthday is always 4 days before Thanksgiving. And by that time, I am sick of cake and sweets. But slap some pie on my plate!

    A can opener? Really??? Slap him for me. LOL

    And I bet you are getting a Mac.. since you listed it first... and that's what EVERYONE wants and is getting! I'll be lucky if I can get an iPad MINI!

    Thanks for linking up with me again!! Loving all of your answers!

  2. My dad and Granny share have the same birthday...December 23rd. We too celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and by default their birthday get lumped into the celebration too. It's REALLY challenging to buy my father and Granny two gifts at the same time of year, but we all make an effort to get them the best gifts possible.

    I'm a Thanksgiving baby, so we have pie and cake for my birthday.

    P.S. your wishlist is awesome!

  3. ok - is it weird that i get really excited when people buy me socks? like i prefer ridiculous ones -with like squirrels on them.

    i'd celebrate your birthday with you! no matter the date! i'll bring the vodka.

  4. I found you from the Coffee Talk link-up and am a new follower! And I feel you on your birthday....well my boyfriend does. His birthday is the day after Christmas....years of combined gifts haha


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