A Quick Handwriting Link Up

Write it Down

I had to enter this quick link up, because... honestly, like I said... I rarely put pen to paper anymore... And I have all these pretty markers...

So this is what my handwriting looks like. I write in all caps. And, I like it. It's clean. Legible. AND, it looks SO similar to my mother's handwriting. It's like my mom is coming out of my fingertips... (Weird visual??)

I don't know about you, but growing up, I was so anal about my handwriting that I would PRACTICE writing things. Like, when I used to write A's all weird, or numbers, or... When I wanted to change the style...I would spend hours perfecting it... Yup, is my only child showing yet?? 


  1. Haha! I totally practice writing! And if I wanted to change a letter I would practice it over and over! And I'm not an only child ;)

  2. Dude I used to do the same thing! My best friend had PERFECT handwriting. I mean seriously, it was like she had a printer in her pen. Crazy. So I would practice my handwriting all the time, to try to be like her. lol


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