Being thankful 13/14

Yesterday... I didn't get to my thankful post.

I am thankful that I have access to a gym whenever I need. I am glad I do not have to run outside in the butt cold, even though people still try to convince me to run in the cold.

I am also thankful to have seen a live wild hedge hog last night! They're so cute and I love that they're wild here in Germany.i was talking to it the while time. I felt pretty bad for scaring him... I am sure I am terrifying to a poor little hedgie! I'm all squealy and excited and it just hides. I then took a couple pics, apologized for my flash and wished it a happy hedgie evening!!

I am also thankful for friends who write me snail mail. My friend Amanda and I are being pen pals! So exciting!

Today I am thankful that I do the right thing. I had a weird situation happen last night and I took all precautionary measures to ensure that I did all that I could do for this situation. I can sleep soundly.

I am also thankful that I answered that BLOCKED number that called me today, or else a spouse would have been scared to death in a German hospital having her babies all by herself. I am glad I was able to be there and figure out how to help her the best to my ability! Even if it was to hang out for only an hour to get someone better qualified (someone who actually has given birth) to be with her during that time.

I am also thankful for Grumpy Cat, who cheered me up and gave me a smile this morning when I was so tired and grumpy!

Today has been a crazy day. What are you thankful for?

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  1. "A happy hedgie evening" made me laugh aloud. 'Twas much needed.

    As was Grumpy Cat. I can think of so many work-related things I could plug grumpy cat into right now that would just make my everyday seem funnier than actually maddening.

    I'm glad you answered that unknown number! Whew! I usually answer mystery calls, because the curiosity would kill me otherwise. Not so exciting when it turns out to be my student loans sharks on the other end, but you just never know. I'm waiting for a phone call that's giving away money.


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