600th Post! Being Thankful 15/16/17

Oh crap, it's my 600th post. Haha. I started this blog in March of 2008. It's been through so many changes. I was mostly posting just about my (then) new found love of scrapbooking. So much evolution in this blog, it is ever changing. Which is a good thing, isn't that what like... Life is about? Right. 

Thursday 15th: 
I went to a BINGO event and was thankful to be reminded why I do not like going to those things!! I do not like them because I never win. Also, I am a sore loser. However, I hung out with a new friend there, and that was kind of nice. It was great that she put up with me, because I was soooooo darn tired! -- I hope to hang with her again, when I am more energetic! 

Friday 16th: 
Thankful I got off my lazy ass and hung out with the bestie, even though I was so tired, grumpy, and didn't want to do anyyyything! I had such a great time! Always do with the bestie! 

Saturday 17th:
Today, I am thankful that my husband and dog went ot the Turkey Trot Fun Run with me this morning! It was so great that they were there at the finish line! I am glad we ran as a family! I am also thankful that I can have a good time going grocery shopping with the husband! And that the husband is always happy to try new restaurants. ALSO, that husband put in his vows that he would debone or open shell-type fish for me. Hahah. :D Love you husband! 

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  1. Please tell me the bit about your husband's vows is true. That is AWESOME.


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