The Amazing Hubband-ator.

So, today is the Husband's Birthday (the second birthday, since we've met, that he hasn't been able to spend with me! :( boo). I wish I could do more for him, too bad he is in Afghan-land-istan. lol. Poor guy. But, he is sleeping better now that he's got some pills to help him sleep. So he is in a much better mood, which is good for the both of us. I just wish I could help him, in person, celebrate his Birthday. 

To me, birthdays are important. Mine being on Christmas Eve, I've never had a birthday all to myself, and never will. (Stupid Christmas!). And honestly, celebrating it on a different day, just isn't the same! Anyway, birthdays are important. They need to be celebrated. Everyone needs their own day, whether they think so or not! 

But, in other news... My husband is amazing. 

I had a package the other day. And I had no idea what it was supposed to be. I did see a mysterious 32 dollars come out of the account... and asked Husband about it, and he said it was a surprise. 

So, since I feel like the PO guys are like, my besties, I took a photo of them with my new goodie!
I always have to check out my new goodies. They were my guinea pigs!  
Husband  knew I have been wanting certain iPhone accessories for quite some time. But, I have this issue of buying frivolous things for myself, meaning, it rarely happens. So for over a year now, I have been wanting the really cool iPhone lenses. And guess what?! The husband bought them for me! 
Telephoto, macro, wide angle, and fish eye lenses for my iPhone! EEEEEEp. They're so freaking cool! 
I went crazy taking photos... LOL.
Koodge always looks so bad ass. LOL. 
Even Koodge's butt is cute... LOL. Am I weird?? LOL. 

I'll leave you with that. LOL. I am sure there will be many more fish eye goodness to come. Bahahha. 

What's your most recent fun purchase or gift?? Registered & Protected


  1. I am sooo jealous!!! I want those lenses for my phone, but I'm a droid user. Boo =( I totally agree with you about birthdays. The NEED to be celebrated. No matter how old you are. My Mom is taking me shopping tonight for my birthday present.. a new kitchen faucet!! Haha. Is it lame that I am massively excited about this????


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