Spouses of Deployed Soldiers Retreat Day 2

Finally could see the mountainous
mountains today!
So, today was a free day. No seminars or anything. At first I was a little disappointed that I had nothing planned out! But then I realized. HEY, I need to relax. So I am going to do just that! 

I got up around 0830 and started getting ready for my day.  I had to eat breakfast by 1000 or else I was screwed out of a free meal! So, I got out of the house around 0915ish to head to the breakfast buffet. Let me tell you, it's not all that it is cracked up to be. I will admit that I am a terrible food snob, so it's kind of difficult to make me happy with food anyhow. 

Sad thing is... I was excited to see
 that tiny bit of blue sky!
I saw someone that was at my table at the retreat, which was nice. She, her daughter, and I ate breakfast together and it was pretty nice of her to invite me to eat with them! I got a ham, bacon, and cheese omelet (which was slightly under cooked, but still cooked enough for me to be willing to eat it). I also picked up some potatoes (salty and gross), some sausages (meh), and some bacon (it was okay, but over cooked for my tastes). For some reason everything is seeming to be too salty! Maybe it's because I have been using sea salt at home. 
After that I went back to my room. I read my 2 junk emails, waited a minute for FB to get exciting (didn't happen), and then turned on the 

television. I really didn't want to do much, I was thinking about either getting pampered or going on a tour... But the prices of the pampering made me want to faint and it was raining so I didn't feel like getting soaking wet. I watched a little bit of what I think was the TV show "I Should Have Been Dead" or something, and was laying in bed because for some reason I was soooo cold! Well, I passed out and slept for over 2 hours! I woke up at 1300, straightened up my hair (it was done for, so I put it in a side braid), fixed my make up, and went down for my meal replacement of Starbucks. I walked around for a minute and tried to decide whether or not I wanted to buy a shirt that said "Take a hike! Garmisch, Germany", I obviously didn't want it that bad because I don't have it now, and it's too late! I made myself a reservation for one at one of the restaurants, and then started internetting. 
And then, it was like this...
 for about .5 seconds!

I worked on my blurb book for 2012. Which is going to be ginormous. It's already over 100 pages! haha. I can't wait until 2012 is over so that I can order it! It's so great to see your story, and photos, printed out in a BOOK! I love it! I think it's way better than a photo album too! :) Same concept, but way more fun! 

1730 rolled around pretty quick while I was having fun, and I headed to the restaurant. I walked up to the hostess and said "Hello _____ here with my big ol' party of one!". She laughed and sat me down. Then, another friend from the seminars saw me and invited me to her table. It was really fun getting to know her, too bad I ignored husband in hopes of making a new friend. But good thing he understood! :) I have the best husband! 
A photo to remind me how
much I want my own balcony... 

My friend and I made plans for hot tubing during "adult hours" and we went back to our rooms. I got to chit chat with my mom via FB Video Chat for a bit, and also FB chat (minus the video) with the hubby. And then it was time to meet up at the hot tub! I totally wore my bikini and felt okay. Other people might not know it, but after 25 lbs lost, I feel like I can do whatever I want!! lol. 

The hot tub was, you know, hot, and it was nice too. It started sprinkling and raining off and on, which was really nice to cool off in. I felt rebellious and ordered a Mud Slide! Oh yeah, I had been craving one all weekend! :) Haha. But, after trying it... I had to ask her to water it down with some chocolate milk. LOL. I know, I am pathetic. All I could taste was vodka, and YUCK. lol. I wanted to taste chocolate! lol. So when she finally came back she was like "Okay guys, it's really dark out here now (it was dark) so if you had an order, please let me know!" I yelled out "Chocolate milk please!!" and everyone laughed, and one guy was like "Wow, I hope YOU'RE not driving home!" and everyone laughed some more. HAha. I felt like a goober. But it was pretty funny!

After the hot tub, I came back to my room. I must say it was pretty relaxing to take a nap, and do nothing. I feel pretty rejuvenated and happy!

I hope you all have a beautiful rest of your weekend! For me, most of tomorrow will be spent packing up and attempting to sleep on the 4 hr bus ride home. Ha. 

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  1. That balcony is SO cute! I wish my neighbor would clear all her yard sale junk (from a month ago) off our shared porch. A couple of chairs, a grill, and a flower pot would make it so much more homey. I can't wait til I settle somewhere and don't have to share a common space like that with someone who obviously has no appreciation for a cozy porch!

    I'm glad you "let loose" and had a mud slide! Sounds like that night was fun, and those nights are definitely needed from time to time.

  2. Sounds like a pretty fun day! I would do anything for a day free to myself. I love the idea of just sitting in a Starbucks with a laptop for a couple hours, and a nice long nap.


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