Returning Home.

So hands down, the best thing about a vacation is returning home! Amiright? lol. For real. 

So, I slept TERRIBLY last night. Just plain TERRIBLE. I blame the sugar and alcohol in the mudslide. I woke up every two hours! Also, the lamps that were outside were on, and the curtains were all thin and stuff... So it was like, BRIGHT in my room. And that really didn't help. I tried to close the thick curtains... But come to find out, their Furtains! FAKE CURTAINS! Ugh. I was so mad at 0200 when I tried to close them. Bastards putting up furtains when I clearly need it to be pitch black to sleep. I was too hot, too cold, too tired, and just kept waking up. It was awful.

I set the alarm for 0800 and melted out of bed. I felt terrible. But I had to get up, get some make up on, and go to breakfast! I had only until 0945 to get ready (I had taken a shower last night so that I didn't have to this morning) and eat breakfast before I had to go to the AAR meeting. So zip zip zip I tried to hurry. 

Made it to breakfast around 0830 and just ordered a omelet with ham, and got some toast. I had an omelet sandwich. Everything tasted awful there. Gosh, I wish I wasn't so picky (I am going to be so bitchy if I ever make it to basic... I probably wont have time to complain tho!). I ate breakfast by myself this morning. It was pretty nice. No idle chit-chat, just eating! Then I had ample time to spare! I got the t-shirt! 

Then I had time to run back to my room and pack up my things. It was exciting but not at the same time, to get ready to go. While I was ready to go, because I was positively exhausted, I wanted some MORE vacation... With sun. I am very much a sun person. I finished packing, changed into the t-shirt, and headed to the AAR (After Action Report) meeting.

I got to the conference room only to find that they were out of the AAR sheets! UGH. I had things to say!! Good thing that on Friday he handed out a stupid sheet that said "What's Hot?" "What's Not?" "Why?". Let me just tell you, I filled that sucker up!! And my handwriting looked so nice. :) So I said to the chaplain "Looks like I wont be filling one out...". I think he might be seriously lacking in people skills... I dunno. He just seemed slow and unresponsive all weekend. It was weird. Not exactly what I had expected. Anyway...

I went back to my room to finish packing up, take a quick chill pill, and quadruple check that I didn't leave anything behind. I seriously checked everything, and was walking around the room aimlessly, just making sure I didn't leave anything behind. Even had to check under the beds to make sure a sock didn't go rogue on me.

I filled out the quick check out sheet and got on one of the buses. This time they were separated by Katterbach and Illesheim. I get all situated and there all of a sudden is the Chaplain. He was saying that some people needed to head over to the first bus because this one was going to get all full. I was like, "I'll go, since it's just me" and he was like "Okay great". So I had to get my things together, and get my bag from under the bus. And I started walking over to the other bus. The chaplain looked at me and yelled "Wait there's one more!". I was like, "Dude, you just told me to come here...".

So I got on the bus and tried to get comfortable. I suppose I slept for a little over an hour during the 4 hour ride. I was so tired. But the photo on the left, was me promising myself that no matter how short the ride, the bus is just not worth it. I would much rather drive myself. Even if I would have to entertain myself for 3 hours. 

Anyway. It was so nice to get home. I didn't really do much, and my friend brought Koodge over a few hours after I got home. Koodge and I did some much needed cuddling. And we watched Spirited Away.

I got to talk to husband for a bit. But he had to go so that he could get a couple hours rest before his PT test. He is trying to go to the board. I hope he passes!! *fingers crossed*! Registered & Protected


  1. I'm with ya. I get pretty cranky with uncomfortable without my real bed. And buses.. ugh.. HATE buses!

  2. i need to triple check next time i totallllly left my keys there and those mothers charged me 5$ to give them back. when its a APO.

  3. I wonder what the purpose of furtains is. I'm with ya: I HATE FURTAINS. Although, the Alaskan summer has definitely trained me to sleep in all ranges of sunlight.

    I have to say I'm jealous of how cute you make the side braid look! I tried one the other day and remembered that the reason I don't rock one more often is because I suck at braiding; it just looks like a rat tail. :(


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