So, I have more than one store now. A Zazzle Shop and a CafePress Shop, mostly because the Zazzle store has prints that cater to ANY size that I please! Which is fantastic.

But I really wanted to share it with you all! I feel kind of accomplished! Someone bought a mug from me! That was my first sale! I have yet to have another sale, but I was pretty proud. It was a mug of my Coffee Lovers section of Cafe Press. It was super.

I am much happier with Zazzle though, mostly because of the prints. One thing I don't like about Zazzle is that it seems to take FOREVER for the items to post in my store! UGH. lol. BUT the Zazzle designer is MUCH easier to use. You can have multiple layers, instead of having to do everything in your own editing program.

Anyway, I created a store to help pay for a MacBook in my future! I can't wait until I have a reliable imputed to work on again! :)

So far, I have made one sale, a mug. Haha

I hope you take the time to check out my store and head on over to like my fb page.

**All opinions are that of my own and I was NOT contacted or requested to write a review for either Zazzle or CafePress. 

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  1. Congrats on your first sale! I'll definitely have to check out your shop!


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