How to Win at Black Friday --


So, my husband and I aren't really big into shopping or Black Friday. However, we had a really crappy an older 27" bubble-back television that wouldn't really work with our Wii. We've been here in Germany for 7 months now, and barely played with our Wii... Which makes it feel like it was a waste of money. But I just couldn't play the Wii on that television, it practically hurt my eyes. Especially after playing on our pre-furnished flat/widescreen (modern) television we had in Korea. So, I just didn't play it at all. 

Over this last week, husband and I were discussing whether or not to actually purchase a television on Black Friday. We were hoping to find some really good internet deals, however, no one would ship to an APO address *sigh*. Really? It's not like we have a freaking choice!! ugh. That always pisses me off! Here we are, over here in Germany away from friends and family, and what we're familiar to. And the only place we can buy any American things is at the PX. And their prices aren't *usually* that fantastic. 

And this is how you prove you're
 serious about paying them back!
Our friends, me, and husband were planning to go to Ramstein for Black Friday, because, of course the USAF always has the bigger BX... And much more stuff, and probably more good deals. The night before (Thanksgiving) Husband and I decided that we weren't going to go with our friends there because, we realized that it was going to be an all day thing (I mean, it DOES take 3hours to drive there from here), and we just couldn't leave puppy at home that long in his kennel.

So we decided to stick around to our small PXes here in our immediate area. They didn't have the TV that was on sale for $300 unfortunately...

But how you win at Black Friday, is by having great friends that you can rely on to grab you a 300 dollar TV, and you'll pay them back when they get back from the craziness! Registered & Protected

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