Thanksgiving Adventures

Monday has finally rolled around, the soldiers are back at work, so this means that the crazy Thanksgiving Holiday weekend has finally ended.

Last Monday the FRG threw a potluck "surprise" Thanksgiving Lunch for the single soldiers in our company. I made two no bake cheesecakes, and I hear that they were devoured. Which was great to hear, even though... I wish I had some left over.

Husband got Wednesday off from work last week, as a little bit of a confidence booster, he was lucky. We He spent Tuesday night, and all day Wednesday, prepping the turkey for cooking. When Thursday came around, husband got up at 6am to start working on the damn thing! I finally appeared out of bed around... 9am, just in time for husband to go down for a nap! haha. It's a really good thing though, that I have a husband who can cook. I couldn't even look at the raw turkey without feeling mass amounts of fear, anxiety, and the urge to vomit...


I made my delicious No Bake Cheesecake, and a pistachio pudding pie. I added some lemon juice to my cheesecake, and some vanilla. Just to see what it would be like. It was great. Of course, I made my own whipped cream, and it always turns out better that way. To make my own whipped cream I just get some (a half pint) Heavy Cream or Heavy Whipping Cream and use my hand mixer to whip it up. There is no way I could whip cream for ... the 4+ minutes that is required, by hand... It really does make it taste better.

Anyway, we had thanksgiving at a friends house and invited a few single soldiers to enjoy our delicious feast with us! I only really could eat one plate of food, which is unusual for me (I really must have successfully shrunk the size of my stomach when I was trying to eat right and healthy!). But, I managed to gobble down a little more mashed potatoes and stuffing. We left a bit early to take care of our puppy back at home. Luckily we drove down to our friends apartment, u don't think we would have survived the 5 minute walk uphill... Ha!

How was your thanksgiving?? Registered & Protected

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