This time, iPhone Photo Friday is ON TIME! Come join in!

PhotobucketHappy weekend everyone! I hope this past week has been super nice to you all! Tell me about it with your iPhone (or any other camera phone) photos!! I cannot wait to see!

Koodge was cold so we brought him a blanket... And then he turned into an Egyptian... lol
So... I totally found that little shelf and the shoe shelf in the garbage area... Does that make me a dumpster diver??
There are rabbits all over the place here!!
Sometimes I get foot rubs! It's nice when I do!
I can never drink a whole can of soda in one sitting. I think I started the one above at like... 6:30pm last night and still wasn't done with it at like, 10pm... At least ginger ale is kinda good warm?? LOL!

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