iPhone Photo... Sunday Afternoon??

OH MY GOODNESS. I completely forgot and blew off the iPhone Photo Friday!! Please excuse this mistake! LOL. I hope you all can forgive me! We've had a busy weekend! :)

Yesterday, I tried posting my apologies from my phone, but it wasn't working for some reason! Uggh... I think Blogger should have an app. That would be rad! Don't you think??

So... without further adu... (however you spell that crazy word!)

iPhone Photo Friday! (unfortunately... I had a whole bunch of stuff written... and then my computer went to shit... so... lol. I am kind of mad about that.)

Last weekend, the husband and I went to a flea market in our town! I was so excited to find some embroidery floss for sale by some lady, because they're REALLY expensive here! About the equivalent of $2.00USD per little... pack thing. Yeah. Ridiculous. I know.

So I finished this one... I am not 100% happy with it, but it was fun because it was good practice on the silky hearts. Pattern can be found HERE
Started and finished ANOTHER embroidery project! :) Pattern can be found HERE!

Dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen for the fest!
Fest, fest, FEST!!

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  1. Aw! You two are too cute in your Leiderhosen.

  2. Super cute embroidery! I really like the patterns you used!

  3. You have awesome artistic talent - wish I could do that :( the stuff looks great. xo

  4. Wondered about you Friday! ;) love your little projects. They look great! Hope you have a great week!


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