Guess What Today Is?!

September 5th, 2010
My 1 year of marriage to the Husband.
Anniversary! Wow.

Married, September 5th, 2010. In our home, Oregon.

October 2010
Moved to Korea October 15th 2010.

November 2010
Visited tons of sights in Korea, and took lots of pictures!

December 2011

Had some great times with friends in Korea (who I miss terribly). They were our family during the holidays.

January 2011
Tried all kinds of Korean food. :) We had our favorite spots.

February 2011
Taking photos in the back of friend's cars... lol.

(I am missing March 2011, but we were getting ready to head back home for 12 days, before moving to Germany in April)

April 2011
Arriving in Germany, April 15th, 2011. :)

May 2011
Learning to take trains in Germany... Got our own apartment on post.

I am also missing:

  • June
    • We got our puppy, Koodge. He is our baby. 
  • July
    • Exploring Germany is so much fun and so super amazing. 
  • August
    • Waiting for the rain to stop, so we can explore more of Germany. 
    • We also bought our first furniture (two bookshelves from Ikea!)

September 2011

We bought traditional German garb. A dirndl for me and some lederhosen for husband. :) Got to get better photos of them, but we went out to a festival and celebrated. :)

Being married to my husband for one year so far, has been an amazing experience. Living in three different countries all in one year. Getting a puppy. Learning to deal with each other all the time (super hard for me! haha, but I am working on it.).

But we are still happy. Still married. And look forward to next year's anniversary!

I love you husband! Registered & Protected


  1. Congrats you too!!!! I can't believe it's been a year already. WOW!!! A year of love and happiness. Here's to many, many more! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! Happy Anniversary!
    This is my first time visiting your blog...a pretty good intro post I'd say! :o) You guys seem really very cute together! :o)


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