iPhone Photo Friday!! Yay!


Hey there phonographers! I hope your week went by super well! Mine has been an emotional roller coaster for me. Up and down and up and down. I don't even know why. But it might have something to do with PMS... *raises eyebrow*. It's sucky.

Other than that, yesterday Koodge and I went to a group dog training class. It was pretty stressful for him, but I learned some great tricks to help me train him! I am excited for next week too!
Finally using this little notebook that I got in Korea. You know, I already miss all of the cute little things that I could purchase for super cheap in Korea... *sigh**
We got a note on our door, complaining about Koodge's barking... :( That sucks so much. We really didn't realize that it was so bad the WHOLE time that we were gone... We are now trying to work with him and his separation anxiety.
Oh yes, a project that I wanted to start in Korea, I have FINALLY started. Yes, it is a type of photo-a-day thing. But, LESS intense. If I forget a day, I just use any photo. I am not going to stress myself out over this!
The comics. :) This is one of my favorite strips. But this one, it was just great.
Like I said, I am trying to take a photo a day, with less stress. I found this super cool iPhone App called LEME LEME, it's super! It's like a free version of Hipstamatic, and BETTER!
The COUG is FIXED!! Woot. Finally can buy gas on post!! Husband was so excited and said that $30 almost filled up the tank!! That is pretty amazing considering 40 euro would only give us a little over half a tank of gas on the economy! WOOT.
I am now a main link up point for iPhone Photo Friday. So now, you can link up HERE, or on my photography blog.

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  1. wow pretty pictures and i love your not intense photo of the day project, really cool!


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