Random Sh!t Thursday! -- Take 8

Hello, hello, it's yet another Thursday and it's time to do RANDOM SH!T THURSDAY! Woohoo.

I just don't have my Sh!t together yet!! LOL. So... Sorry about the lateness of this post!! It is just getting Thursday for most of my readers!! I will keep the linky open an extra day just for you! :)

  • Sh!t I Need:
I would love to have this recreated somewhere framed on my wall!!
This tattoo is the Cityscape of Chicago... But I need one for Portland, Oregon!
If I am ever going to be a real photographer... I think this is necessary!

  • Crafty Sh!t
How cool is this?? Using maps to wrap a gift!
I think I really need to wrap something... Once a year just isn't enough!
I think this is going to be my living room inspiration!

Anyway! Be sure to grab my button (on the right side bar!) and link up!! I look forward to seeing the Random Sh!t you found this week!


  1. I like the tattoos! I'm thinking of getting some bird silhouettes on my left shoulder. Will post photos if I do! I'm your newest follower from Spearmint Baby's Alexa hop and would love it if you would visit http://droppedstitches72.blogspot.com and follow back ;)

  2. I love that smile tattoo--too cute!

  3. I love the smile tatoo too... I love the creative wrapping too!


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