Random Sh!t Thursday! -- Take 3

 Have you been enjoying Random Sh!t Thursdays as much as I have?! I hope so! You should definitely join in with me, and then, go tell your friends to join in with me! :) It will be super fun. I think it is a great way to get to know each other! It shows what really strikes your interest!

  • I Just HAVE to Share!

The above video is of my Koodge!! :) Playing at the lake! It was so funny, sorry if my laugh kills your ears!

  • Quilting
    • Have I told you that it's like... All I think about lately? Last week I hung out with a friend, and her friend, and I got to play on her sewing machine. I sewed together little triangles into squares... It was a ton of fun! I really enjoyed it. And especially since then, every time I am bored, I just wished that I had a sewing machine so that I could SEW!! *sigh*
I just love the bright colors of this quilt!! It is so fun, and this is just the back!!
By Denlillafickan
The bright colors and simplicity of this baby quilt... So pretty. It reminds me of my own old baby blanket... *sigh*
By Bearmansfield
This is so manly!! I love it, I totally want to make one like this for my hubby!!
By Modernamish
How fun is this?! I love the bright colors!!
By Stitches&Scissors
And this!! I love how it has only solid colors!! Soooo gorgeous!
By Foxcox2

TIME interviews Hannah Hart  from My Drunk Kitchen
*photo not taken by me! lol. Credit is w/in the link.

  • Craftiness!!
Paper Mache Teacup Tutorial
Have you found anything cool online this week!?


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  1. That 5 reasons why your blog hasn't made the big time is hilarious!!

  2. Sweet!! I like the name "random shit thursdays" better than my "pinteresting thursdays" :) I'm totally joining in and letting all my bloggy friends know too. Great idea! Oh and I'm your newest follower. Thanks for the comment love!


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