iPhone Photo Friday!! Join me!

Do you take tons of photos with your cell phone?! I know I do! Why don't you join in with me, and link up over at my Photography Blog, Adrienne Rose Photography! I promise to visit all the entries!! :)

This last week was super busy (as you can see from all my photos!!)!

I love busy weeks! So many memories!

I drank milk out of a wine glass. I was feeling especially classy.
I went to the Teirheim (German Animal Shelter), on Friday and pet all the kitties and puppies. This kitty was so funny, staring at me upside-down.
And i know it looks like the same kitty, this is different. And he was so super cute. I love stripey kitties.
This is my not amused face.
Koodge got to kill the waves at the lake, Altmühlsee.
The lake was BEEEAAAAUUUTEEEEEFUL last weekend. :)
Koodge jumping around in the tall grass... I should have taken video of this....

Dad, can I PUHLEASE get up on the couch for some cuddle time?!
a 360 view of my apartment, and husband, from our couch! You can click on the image to make it larger if you wish.
Koodge went to La Stellas with us last week. Curled up under the table like a good boy!
Sunset *drool*
The same sunset with a different app.
a 360 view of my apartment from where I blog. I thought you might like to see it. Sorry the stitching needs a little work but it's pretty darn fun! You can click on the image to make it larger if you wish.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND coffee coffeeeeeeee coffeeee!! MMM.

If you would like to see even MORE photos from me from this past week, head on over to Adrienne Rose Photography, where you can see the 'better' of my iPhone photos, and link up! :) Go ahead, it's fun!


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  1. These pictures are fantastic! Aaaandddd I drank milk out of a wine glass the other day too. =) Classy girls.

  2. I love Fridays when you post this awesome pics.

  3. Hahahaha the first one made me laugh, love it! Your dog is too cute, and I love the sunset shot!! Those are my fav images to take with my phone. ;-)


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