Random Sh!t Thursday! -- Take 2

I have decided to do a weekly thing. :) Woot. I think it will be great. Every Thursday I will post random things from the past week that have struck, enlightened, inspired, interested, and even possibly just plain made me happy. Some of the little random things that I feel need to be shared! :)  Could be pictures, links, thoughts, ANYTHING. :)

I've decided to make this a weekly link up!! What do you think?! Here's the button!

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  • Art Journaling --- I have been thinking about volunteering to teach a class about Art Journaling at the Arts and Crafts Center here on post. Any ideas? 
    • I find lots of Art Journaling Inspiration on Art Journaling, and Pinterest.
    • Was thinking about having the class make their OWN art journal... But I would have to find all of the supplies somehow... Maybe just have them bring their own blank journals? What do you think?
By Caroline Parent
  •  Sewing --- Yep, still thinking about it on a daily basis... *drool* I really want to get a sewing machine... Still... I have been waiting on the classes at the Arts and Crafts Center, but it doesn't seem to be working out. I am thinking that I am just going to have to by my own machine, and teach myself... 
Look at these gorgeous inspiring quilts that I have found this week!! :) 
By Christina from A Few Scraps
By PatchworkDuck
I mean, just look at these fabrics?? Are they GLORIOUS?! They are begging for me to MAKE things with them! :)
Fabric by Kate Spain
  • PostSecret -- I love reading people's secrets every Sunday. :) 
    • The only think I dislike about PostSecret is that... I wish I could go over the past secrets on there!!
    • I would really love the PostSecret books!! 
    • This week my favorite one is:
from Postsecret
  •  Giggle* *Snicker* --- Things that make me slap my knee :)
    • I read the Sunday comics today in the Stars and Stripes... :) Gonna be a weekly thing. :) I love Mutts.
... Is it bad that it is kind of the way it did happen??

  • I want things... 

I am pretty sure Koodge needs an awesome Bow Tie... :) Go visit SillyBuddy's Etsy Shop!

Drawings, paintings, collages by Michele Maule. I love her illustrations, so much, they're so cute! Please go visit her Etsy Shop!!
  • Feel good.
  • Gorgeous --- Photos
Who would have known?? Cute little flower within a flower...
By Misty Croney

  • I really, really, really... REALLY need to get on this whole... Crafty thing, again... 
Cutest DIY Measuring Tape Headband Tutorial by Simply Bettie


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  1. Hi Adrienne,

    I actually taught art journaling as part of my watercolour painting class that I taught at the base community center. In order to keep the cost of the course down I would have the students bring their own supplies (mainly things that they would use a lot of like watercolour paper and paints) but I would let them use my own brushes, masking fluid, spray bottles, etc. For the art journaling bit they supplied their own journals and I gave them a list of things they could bring on their own if they wanted. I also encouraged people to bring supplies that could be shared like old magazines, rubber stamps, etc. One lady even brought her cricut!

    Good luck!

  2. Love this... do you keep notes during the week or recall all your randomness at one time?

  3. yes-randomness indeed-but always good to share. love the measuring tape headband but i am not very crafty. If your not working the art journal class sounds cool! Robyn (Ps-thanks for visiting my blog-hope this comment is appropriate (!) enough. BTW- I live in Uganda but I am moving to Kenya soon-change is good.)
    Enjoy your sunday.

  4. wow! all these finds are incredible! Love love love!

    -Heather, from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com


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