Happy Friday!!

How was your week? My week has been BUSY!

Sunday - Checked out Soldier's lake with Koodge, at at my favorite restaurant here in Ansbach, and then checked out the Ansbach Altstadtfest.

Monday - German vet appointment for Koodge, then to the on post vet to register him.

Tuesday - Going to Illesheim to pick up a table, and check out the thrift store.

Wednesday - On post vet appointment for Koodge, to get his puppy shots. He got 4 shots, and his blood drawn! I felt so bad for him! But now the Rabies shot is good for 3 years, he got distemper, something that will help prevent him from getting sick, and something else! But, that's good though! We want our puppy to be healthy and happy!

We also had a puppy play date! Since he is mostly Beagle, he needs to expel a ton of energy! So, me, Koodge, my friend, her 2 dogs, her friend, and his dog, all went to the basketball court (it's the only thing fenced in around here) and let them off the leash to run! I am so happy that this dog is SO GOOD. He loves all other dogs, and kids too!!

I really want to set up doggy play dates every night! I know that tired doggies are good doggies! 

Thursday -
Friday (today) -

 So over on my Photography Blog, Adrienne Rose Photography, I have a new link up happening! It's called iPhone* Photo Friday!! You basically dump all of your photos that you took on your cell phone for the week! It will be super fun!!

*iPhone not necessary to participate in this linky!

Here are my photos for this week! :)

You'll notice that we are responsible doggie owners in Germany's eyes, we have a seat belt for the doggie!

Coffee shots... Of course!

The Latte Macchiatos here are THE BEST.

I got Koodge a Kong toy the other day and he absolutely loves it! I filled it up with all kinds of treats and peanut butter! I went to town on that thing for a good 30 minutes!

Yup, sleeping with the kong toy. Haha, wore him out.

Frump face!
Yeah... You guys are going to see a lot of pictures of my puppy! <3 Isn't he cute!?

What was your week like? I want to see it in photos! Head on over to Adrienne Rose Photography to join in on the fun!!

Speaking of coffee... I have been SO SPOILED here in Germany! I have yet to get a coffee that is no good!! Everything is great. If you haven't noticed, my favorite kind is a Latte Macchiato! What's your favorite?!


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  1. Goh, the sleeping puppy pics are so adorable. Love puppy play dates! My pup is always so well behaved after some energy is expelled :-) {although it was more important when he was a crazy puppy lol}

  2. Hi there! Stopping by from FLOB. Koodge is adorable! Our Chihuahua, Chuy LOVES his Kong! Aren't they great?

  3. My Sunny LOVES her kong toy, she can entertain herself with it for hours.

  4. Could your dog be ANY cuter?! Your week sounds productive, to say the least :D

  5. Great pics of Koodge! Have you gotten him a Jolly Ball? They are fabulous and like Kong, indestructible. Our dogs love them.

    Wanted to say Hi..visiting from FTLOB and..yes, I sure read your blog and will be looking-in on Koodge, lol

    Have a lovely day,

  6. Adrienne,
    Just had to run back and leave this link for you from a post I did in April; I think you might get a laugh because it's right in-line with your FTLOB comment. As you will read, I get very cranked-up over the same things as you!


    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and, try those Orange Jello Shots too!


  7. Hi Adrienne, I just found you on the FTLOB. I loved your comment there, and so agree with it! And, I love your blog! I also love cell phone photo linkies.. I'll join you next week! I see your note about responding by e-mail.. since I can only comment using a Google account, the e-mail that I use isn't there (I had to set up the gmail address to connect my Google account with my new HTC phone). Maybe Disqus commenting system would be handy for you? It would make comment responding much easier!

  8. Hi there, stopping over from everyone's favorite place, FTLOB! Great site! Love doggies, love coffee, love iphone photos!

  9. Kongs are the bomb. If you want to keep him busy for a REALLY long time then fill in half with peanut butter, and the other half with plain yogurt. Freeze for a couple of hours and viola, he'll be in heaven!

  10. oh my goodness what a sweety!!!! We have two little ones of our own that we rescued who we love so so much, and we just met my families new rescued friend, who is half beagle and half lab, and absolutly the sweetest thing to ever walk the earth!! lovely littl blog!

    -Heather, from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com


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