OH MAN! It's MAY!! :)

Ugh, it's MAY. I have been in this hotel room for a whole half of a month (15 days)! Lame, lame, lame!! I am definitely ready to get out of this stupid hotel room and get our own apartment!! With our OWN KITCHEN! Yes, did I tell you (probably did) we have to share AN ITTY BITTY KITCHEN, with whoever is in the room to the left of us! UGH. I have cooked like... 3 times in here.

ANYWAY. Enough with the bitchin'.

Yesterday Hubband and I rode our bikes into Ansbach! :) Here are the pictures:
On the way into Ansbach. The fields here are gorgeous! It feels like home!! (Oregon)

The buildings are even better!!
A church in Ansbach. When we finally got into town (around 1800) the bells were a ringing! It was a beautiful sound!
These flowers were in a grocery store (well... A store kind of like Walmart Super Store, where they have groceries and other things!). They sell the prettiest flowers!! I cannot wait to have my own!!
This hill... it looks way steeper in person!! UGH.
 Anyway. We rode our bikes approximately 10 miles yesterday! It was great! It was really hard for me, and on the way back I had to get off, rest, and push my bike... like... a third of the way... A lot of it was uphill on the way back. I am just not THAT into shape. But I hope to ride into Ansbach at least every weekend that is nice weather! It was so much fun. I am so proud of myself! Hopefully this will help me get into shape!! :)

Germany is beautiful. I love it so much! I cannot wait to explore more! I really feel at home here. I also wish to learn lots of German! I already have one German friend! She is awesome, we went shopping together! She is super fun!

I have not been taking many pictures with my DSLR... I feel pretty bad about that. But it is just so much easier to take pictures with my iPhone! I don't look as much like a tourist.

We're not really supposed to advertise that we are "Army" off post. Because of THIS. But it is just smarter this way. So as soon as we got off post we took off our helmets, reflective PT belts, and anything else that would peg us as Army. You know?? PERSEC. lol. :)

 Anyway. I love my iPhone. I just think you all should know that!! <3 Follow me on Instagram (a1rose) and play scrabble with me on Words with Friends (1AdrienneRose)!! :)

 PS. I have a Tumblr account too. Which I usually post all my iPhone pictures to immediately. You can go HERE to check it out and follow me, if you want to see pictures faster!


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  1. Thank you for sharing the pics. Ansbach is such a cute, little town.

  2. wow that looks gorgeous! what a great sight to see on a bike ride.Dont worry i would of probably had to push the bike also!


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