Okay so... It's 3p... I have yet to take my Project365 photo for today. I am really slacking... I blame husband. Hahhahahaha. :) Just kidding. Well, I am just procrastinating, EVERYTHING. Laundry, dishes, shower, eating... you know.
I will let you know what time it finally is when I come back with a photo to add to Project365... lol.

So now it is 6:40p and I finally have my picture!! :) 
Do you know how to make a healthy snack into an unhealthy one? SALT. Lots and LOTS of Salt...

So there ya have it, my midday snack! Oh, it was so delicious. I added a texture onto the photo, you can find that texture here on Flickr! It's soooo my favorite one to use! :)

Also, over at Briemarie's blog, she hosts a WE<3IT Wednesday bloggie link up!! YAY. How perfect is this? Seriously, I always post WeHeartIt stuff... hahhahahah. So, I go on WeHeartIt all the time and just search for a word, this week, I picked Balloons because they have been so inspiring to me.
All images courtesy of WeHeartIt!
Aren't the balloons great? I would love to do a photoshoot with someone wearing something cute, outside, with a sweet balloon or three! :) hehehe.

Basically, you just go on WeHeartIt, find some images that you LOVE (aka, HEART, haha). Put em up on you blog, and then, head on over to Briemarie's blog, and link up your post with her linky! Yay

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. Love your picture and the wehearts :) I am so crazy obsessed with the site that I have like, a month of wednesdays planned out... or, maybe a whole year!

  2. I can see why you'd want to do a balloon shoot---they're gorgeous!

  3. Aw, I love the ones with the couples. How cute! Thanks for joining in!

  4. Something about balloons makes pictures that much more enjoyable. :)



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