Korea, Day 6.

 So yesterday was pretty fun. Hubbers got to buy out something or other and wear normal civilian clothes to work! That's exciting! 

Lisa and I went onto base just to waste some time, hanging out and being cool! Then, it was a short day at work for Hubbers because he worked through his lunch. So he met me at the PX and we explored The Ville some more for more photo ops! Here are some pictures!! 

Yesterday morning I had some chocolate milk, and I looked at the date... It is dated for DEC 12th! HOLY CRAP! Yesterday was only October 22nd!

A fun little ally way in The Ville. I think I am in a blue phase... It's such a nice color!

Telephone booth! Isn't it fantastic??

A fun little ... thing, right in front of the Drive-on gates of the Army Post.

Some buildings, I really liked them because the furthest away one is PINK and the closer one is a nice tan color!

A view of the 'nicer' area of the town we live near.


This is the Chihuahua I see every time I walk into town!! I love him!

Hubbers took this picture for me! It was kinda far and he is tall!! But, this is another picture of a Golden Orb-Web Spider. It is really cool because I think when it rains a little more their webs will be gold color!!
Later in the evening we met up with a few other couples who are in the same ... shop as the Hubbers and we ate at Happy Teriyaki. It was pretty good and a great price! :) That's always nice! :)

Overall, it was a fun day. 
Today we are off to Osan, so expect to see a few pictures, maybe later tonight!



  1. We also went out to the movies and saw the Secretariat. It's a movie about a house wife turned race horse owner. FYI, nobody dies in the movie and there are no explosions.

  2. I love the shade of blue you keep finding. That telephone booth rocks my freaking socks off.


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